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Catalog # Name Description
101 Tetrahedrite Crystals on quartz matrix; also chalcopyrite crystals
102 Proustite Massive, reddish black; purchased from Foote.
103 Skutterudite Massive; var. smaltite. Color: GY
104 Skutterudite Massive; possible erythrite on one corner. Color: GY-YL
105 Stannite Small, dark gray crystals
106 Joseite Joesite, bismuth, sulfur, tellurium, selineum.
107 Millerite Hairs of millerite on and through large calcite crystals in vug. Color: GD
108 Millerite Millerite hairs; mostly embedded in calcite. Color: GD
109 Millerite One bundle of millerite hairs in calcite vug. Color: GD
110 Millerite Small 1" diameter vug with millerite hair tufts. Color: GD
111 Chalcopyrite Massive, disseminated through matrix.
112 Realgar Small crystals in tiny vugs. Color: RD-OR
113 Realgar Coating. Color: RD-OR
114 Stibnite Steel, gray, metallic acicular crystals.
115 Molybdenite Metallic gray masses in matrix.
116 Molybdenite Shiny, silfver-gray on a matrix containing quartz, pyrite, etc.
117 Galena Two massive; 1 showing crystal form.
118 Galena None
119 Galena Single cube. Color: GY
120 Galena Massive, weathered. Color: GY
121 Galena Solid galena, cleavage faces, lime coating. Color: GY
122 Galena None
123 Galena Massive - 1 pseudo cube; other with minor chalcopyrite. Color: GY
124 Galena One piece massive cleavage fragment; 1 piece with galena disseminated throughout matrix. Color: GY
125 Galena Two pieces. a. Group of 2 crystals. b. Massive with cleavage faces. Color: GY
126 Galena Individual crystals. Color: GY
127 Galena None
128 Galena Massive, cleavage faces; T's possible partial crystals. Color: GY
129 Galena Two parts. a. Massive. b. Weathered; crystal cluster. Color: GY
130 Galena Solid galena; large 1" x 1' x 1" cryustal is weathered and coated. Color: GY
131 Galena Massive; pieces form one; cleavage planes visible. Color: GY
132 Galena None
133 Galena Galena in quartz matrix. Core sample. Color: GY,TN
134 Galena Galena & pyrite FINELY disseminated. Color: BK
135 Galena Three specimens. a. Single crystal. b. Weathered group. c. Massive. Color: GY
136 Galena Crystal cluster. Color: GY
137 Galena None
138 Galena Galenite and pyrite.
139 Galena Coarsely grained; massive. Color: GY
140 Galena Still retains a partial Foote label. Color: GY
141 Galena Pocket of cubo-octahedron with drusy quartz. Color: GY
142 Galena Massive galena on quartz crystals, some pyrite. Color: GY
143 Galena Silver ore, fine grained. Color: GY
144 Galena Massive; possibly argentiferous. Color: GY
145 Galena Silver ore, fine grained. Color: GY
146 Galena Coarse grained, massive. Color: GY
147 Galena None
148 Pyrite Mass of crystals on quartz crystals.
149 Pyrite Small pocket of 1/8" cubes. Color: GD
150 Galena Group of cubic crystals coated with drusy pyrites. Color: GY