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Catalog # Name Description
151 Galena Massive galena in quartz with small amounts of chalcopyrite. Color: GY
152 Galena Massive ore samples with some chalcopyrite. Color: GY-BK
153 Galena And chalcopyrite.
154 Galena And chalcopyrite.
155 Chalcopyrite Massive, with pyrite & quartz.
156 Sphalerite Hand: massive intermixed with chert . Miniature: sphalerite crystals on quartz crystals
157 Sphalerite Matrix covered on both sides with sphalerite crystals to 1/2". Crystal system Cubic/iso. Color: BK,RD
158 Sphalerite None
159 Sphalerite Crystals to 1/8" - 1/4" on chert matrix.
160 Sphalerite Massive; 1 miniature has weathered crystals with chalcopyrite crystals
161 Sphalerite Massive sphalerite in chert.
162 Sphalerite Massive.
163 Sphalerite Two glass vials of crushed sphalerite.
164 Sphalerite Massive; specimen is cracking.
165 Sphalerite Crushed.
166 Sphalerite Dark crystals to 1/2" covering top of piece; also crystals on bottom partially in chert
167 Sphalerite Massive.
168 Sphalerite Sphalerite or blende, zinc ore.
169 Sphalerite Massive, some cleavage faces; miniature has rough, dull crystals
170 Sphalerite Massive, rough cleavage faces & crystals.
171 Sphalerite Massive, rough cleavage faces & crystals.
172 Cinnabar Specimen crumbling.
173 Cinnabar Tiny crystals scattered on matrix. Color: RD
174 Cinnabar Ore sample showing primarily blue copper stain. Color: ML
175 Cinnabar None
176 Cinnabar Crystalline coating. Color: RD
177 Chalcocite Black, massive with small quartz blebs.
178 Chalcocite Massive, brown-black.
179 Chalcocite Massive, tarnished to red-gold; pyrite present
180 Bornite Massive, dull black.
181 Bornite Massive, dark gray metallic; minor copper minerals (azurite/malachite)
182 Bornite Massive, dark gray.
183 Pyrrhotite Massive, black.
184 Nickeline Massive. Color: PK-OR
185 Pyrite Miniature shows pyritohedral crystals; hand is compact aggregate
186 Pyrite One specimen has cubes of pyrite to 3/8" on quartz crystals. Other, massive pyrite in matrix. a. and b.
187 Pyrite Crystal faces on one side of rock layer.
188 Pyrite Thumbnails mostly massive; miniature has crystals at one end.
189 Pyrite Scattered crystals in iron matrix. Poor crystals on quartz.
190 Pyrite None
191 Pyrite Cubic crystals to 3/8" scattered among quartz crystals; tiny crystls with calcite on matrix
192 Pyrite Vial contains decomposed materail; 1 large partial strated crystal on pyrite matrix
193 Pyrite None
194 Pyrite One massive; other has striated crystals to 3/8" on an end.
195 Pyrite Crystals on quartz crystals to 1/4".
196 Pyrite Massive pyrite, one side coverd with 3/8" quartz crystals with larger pyrite (1/2") on quartz.
197 Pyrite Dubic crystals with iron-stained quartz crystals on massive pyrite & quartz matrix
198 Pyrite TN's - pieces of cubic crystals; miniatures - clusters of crystals
199 Pyrite Granular aggregate.
200 Pyrite Crystals on small quartz crystals. Massive pyrite with pyrite & quartz crystals in vug at one end.