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Catalog # Name Description
351 1970.74.0581M Pyrite None
352 1970.74.0582M Realgar Small red streaks in pale green/white ulexite. Color: RD
353 1970.74.0613M Marcasite Massive & crumbling!!; >10 specimens.
354 1970.74.0665M Molybdenite Ore sample; quartz with small traces of pyrite & molybdenite
355 1970.74.0671M Marcasite Tarnished red-gold crystals in calcite.
356 1970.74.0680M Pyrite Pyrite and gray quartz; massive.
357 1970.74.0697M Pyrite Mostly massive, showing a few crystal faces.
358 1970.74.0743M Bowieite Var. serpentine.
359 1970.74.0771M Pyrite Massive in matrix.
360 1970.74.0777M Pyrite Shiny, crystalline aggregate.
361 1970.74.0794M Pyrite Ore material; pyrite, bornite, quartz, etc.
362 1970.74.0806M Pyrite Massive, brassy, minor galena (could be chaldopyrite)
363 1970.74.0836M Pyrite Ore material; quartz, pyrite &
364 1970.74.0860M Pyrite None
365 1970.74.0906M Pyrite Needle quartz with pyrite crystals.
366 1970.74.0907M Covellite Blue covellite mixed with chalcopyrite.
367 1970.74.0910M Enargite Silver enargite crystals with gold pyrite crystals
368 1970.74.0915M Pyrite Small cluster of 3 crystals.
369 1970.74.0917M Pyrite Coating of iridescent drusy pyrite on iron-rich matrix
370 1970.74.0942M Bornite Massive, tarnished to iridescence.
371 1970.74.0966M Pyrite None
372 1970.74.1005M Pyrite Single crystals.
373 1970.74.1007M Molybdenite Ore material, small amounts of massive moly with quartz
374 1970.74.1026M Bornite Massive
375 1970.74.1031M Bornite Massive iridescent with sphalerite. Color: BK
376 1970.74.1033M Galena Small blebs & veins of galena with chalcopyrite in pegmatite. Color: GY
377 1970.74.1038M Pyrite None
378 1970.74.1047M Molybdenite Molybdenite & pyrite scattered through blue calcite
379 1970.74.1049M Chalcopyrite Chalocpyrite crystals in calcite matrix.
380 1970.74.1052M Pyrite Massive pyrite in slate.
381 1970.74.1057M Wood This is an old specimen collected by the French while exploring; cluster of pyrite crystals on matrix
382 1970.74.1086M Pyrite Brown, opaque, crystal cluster.
383 1970.74.1186M Chalcopyrite Massive - an ore sample.
384 1970.74.1187M Galena Fine grained in pegmatite. Color: GY
385 1970.74.1215M Sphalerite Massive sphalerite intertwined with chert.
386 1970.74.1227M Pyrite Small pyrite crystals in slatey shale.
387 1970.74.1231M Marcasite Brassy nodule.
388 1970.74.1255M Pyrite A piece of a pyrite "snake" that was 43" long; a picture is included
389 1970.74.1288M Marcasite Nodule - decomposing.
390 1970.74.1300M Bornite Massive.
391 1970.74.1301M Chalcopyrite None
392 1970.74.1341M Bornite Massive.
393 1970.74.1367M Marcasite Massive on matrix.
394 1970.74.1427M Pyrite Small striated pyrite cubes in quartz matrix; possibly some siderite (?)
395 1970.74.1483M Pyrite Single cubes 1/4" - 3/8".
396 1970.74.1486M Pyrite None
397 1970.74.1488M Arsenopyrite On quartz.
398 1970.74.1506M Galena Weathered crystal group. Color: GY
399 1970.74.1507M Pyrite Crystals.
400 1970.74.1514M Cinnabar Massive, in chert. Color: RD