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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.27.0028 Bison Not restorable. Dismantled 8/7/87; skull, skin, eyes salvaged.
2 00.27.0033 Moose Two pieces: Top portion of skull with antlers. Also lower jaw only. Color: GY,TN
3 00.27.128 Moose Standing. Color: BR
4 00.27.20 Antler 8 point mule deer anters mounted on a walnut back and bronze 2 part front plate. Usually called an english mount.
5 00.27.22 Buffalo, water Decorative carvings.
6 Elk Color: BR
7 Buffalo, water Horns only.
8 Deer, white tail Color: TN,WH
9 Goat Color: WH
10 Moose Color: BR
11 Deer, mule Color: BR
12 Moose Color: BR
13 Antelope, pronghorn Color: TN,BK,WH
14 Bison, American Head mount only. Color: BR
15 Elk, American Complete rack.
16 Elk, American Color: BR
17 Elk, American Color: BR
18 Caribou Color: BR,TN
19 Deer, white-tailed Color: TN,WH
20 Deer, white-tailed Color: TN,WH
21 Deer, white-tailed Color: TN,WH
22 Deer, white-tailed Piece of pelt. Color: TN,BR
23 1974.38.0015 Buffalo, cape Horns only. Color: BK
24 1980.15.0002 Caribou Head.
25 1980.15.0008 Goat, mountain Head. Rear of mount marked "675"; right ear is missing; snout badly damaged, chin, upper lip and nostrils are in poor condition.
26 1980.46.02 Bison Femur.
27 1988.30.0007 Elk, (wapiti) Antler only. Color: BR
28 1990.51.0002 Deer, white-tail Antlers only. Color: BR
29 1990.59.0001 Bison Left humerus. Flaking badly. Color: WH
30 1990.59.0002 Bison Right femur. Flaking badly. Color: WH
31 1994.0026 Elk, (wapiti) Color: BR-GY
32 1996.30.5 Hat Stocking cap with earflaps in various shades of brown, plus cream. Earflaps have bird motif in cream color. Main part of cap has Alpacas in cream, with dark brown stripe both above and below. Dark brown stripe has geometric motif resembling the letter "N". Top of cap and ear flaps have short knitted strings. Exterior edges finished with cream-colored chain stitch. These traditional hats are worn to keep the inhabitants of the Andes Mountains warm and Alpaca wool is a large resource. 1996.30.5 (Hat) image
33 1996.30.6 Cap Knitted in dark brown with cream and gray pattern motifs. Ear flaps have two motifs like backward "N". This motif is repeated on two stripes on cap. Between those two stripes is a row of alpacas or alpacas facing right. Edges finished with chain stitch. Tassels on ear flaps. These traditional hats are worn to keep the inhabitants of the Andes Mountains warm and Alpaca wool is a large resource. This hat appears to have been washed in too hot of water which caused the wool to felt and the hat to shrink. There is hand stitching in what appears to be a repair on one of the ear flaps.