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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.27.0005 Bear, grizzly Claw.
2 00.27.0075 Badger Standing. Color: YL-GY
3 00.27.0081 Weasel, long-tailed On wooden base; crouched; holding bird head in mouth.Summer pelage.
4 00.27.0086 Mink Two mink on winter habitat. Color: WH
5 00.27.0090 Skunk Two skunks on a small habitat Color: BK,WH
6 00.27.0126 Bear, American Standing. Color: BR
7 Tooth Saber tooth tiger fossil tooth
8 Black bear Color: BK
9 Bear, black Color: BK/BR
10 Bear, black None
11 Coyote Color: GY/TN
12 Coyote Color: GY,TN
13 Coyote Color: GY/TN
14 Coyote Color: GY/TN
15 Fox, red Color: RD.BR
16 Fox, gray Color: GY
17 Bear, grizzly Color: BR
18 Weasel, long-tailed Color: BR
19 Mink None
20 Serval, Nigerian bush cat Color: TN,BK
21 Fox, red Color: RD,BR
22 Fox, red Color: RD/BR
23 Raccoon Color: BK,BR
24 Badger Color: Bk,WH
25 1966.11.0026 Raccoon, Eastern Walking on base, tail up.
26 1968.9.51.14624 Mink, platinum Two pieces. a and b. Study skin: piece of skin and tail.
27 1970.78.11.20 Necklace Necklace is made with alternating seeds and teeth. Teeth all appear to be from an ocelot and the seeds are small and brown. Worn in everyday wear by both men and women.
28 1970.78.18.0002 Sloth Baby
29 1980.15.0009 Bear, grizzly Front half.
30 1989.60.0007 Bear Claw.
31 1989.60.0008 Bear Claw.
32 1989.60.0009 Cat Claw.
33 1995.30.0005 Otter, river Study skin. Mounted flat lying position with tail straight behind. Color: BR
34 1995.30.0010 Otter Study skin and skull; a. and b.. Color: BR
35 1995.30.0020 Skunk, striped Skull. Jawbone not connected. Color: BK,WH
36 1995.30.1.0008 Weasel (Ermine) Study skin and skull. Parts a. - c. Mounted in flat lying position with tail straight behind. Color: WH,YL
37 1995.30.2.0001 Raccoon Parts a. - c. Skin and skull and bacculum. Mounted in flat lying position with tail straight behind. Color: BR
38 1995.30.2.0003 Skunk, spotted Parts a. - c. Skin and skull. Color: BK.WH
39 1995.30.2.3A Skunk, spotted Study Skin - Spotted Skunk
40 1995.30.3.0005 Weasel Study skin and skull. Mounted in flat lying position with tail straight back. Color: BK
41 1995.30.3.3 Skunk, spotted Study skin. Color: BK,WH,BR
42 1995.39.0006 Cat, civet Life-size, walking, left turn, with dirt base. Color: BK,BR
43 1995.39.1 Lion Life size standing with head raised slightly up and mouth open on dirt-like base. Color: BR,BK
44 1997.28.0003 Leopard Two parts. a. Full leopard skull. b. On the left mandible written in pencil is "Zambia Leopard 1984". Stands 17 3/4" to 30 3/4", weighs up to 199 lbs. In "The African Experience" exhibit from 2/16/2005 - 9/27/2009. Color: TN,CR
45 1997.28.0006 Bear, black Black bear mounted on a fully lined rug, with head, open mouth, and all claws. Rug is tan on reverse side but has 2 trim layers on the edge that are gold and brown, respectively. Teeth are showing and tongue is a very dark purple and seems to be darkening as it ages. Stands up to 29" to 38" at shoulders. 13 1/4" width from ear to ear. Weighed from 225 to 300 pounds. Color: BR,TN,GD
46 1997.28.0007 Bear, black Black bear mounted on a fully lined brown rug with a light brown double felt border. Head is attached with mouth open. Tongue is soft and is pink in color. Fur is brown in most areas while the neck and nose area are tanner in color. It has all claws. The fur is thinner on the far right and left areas of the stomach. 5" x 4" spot in back that hair no longer is attached. 7 rings are sewn on reverse of rug for hanging. Color: BR
47 1997.28.1.0002 Lion Full skull of lion. Canides are cracked. Mandible broken and glued closed. Teeth do not sit correctly. Upper incisor loose. Written in pencil on left mandible is "C. A. R. 1985 Lion". Stands up to 48" at the shoulders. Weighs 340 - 500 lbs. In "African Experience" exhibit at Provost Office 11/15/05 - 11/15/07. Color: CR 1997.28.1.0002 (Lion) image
48 1997.28.1.1 Lion Tanned lion skin. Two samll holes below shoulder area. Short mane around face black in color. During preparation, ears were left inside out. Eyes are sewn shut, whiskers & nose remian. Skin is brown, except for underbelly, which is tan, and tail, which is black. All four paws are missing claws. The two front paw pads are worn. Animal stood up to 48" at shoulders and weighed 340 - 500 lbs. Color: BR,TN,BK 1997.28.1.1 (Lion) image
49 1999.27.0001 Leopard Mounted on branch, left head turn. Color: YL,BK
50 1999.27.0002 Hyena, spotted Fully mounted and lined rug, with dark brown felt. Mounted with head on, mouth open (real teeth). Color: BR