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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.17.0001N Nest Hornet nest in a wire frame. On wooden stand.
2 1965.50.0068B Case, insect None
3 1965.50.0089B Case, caddis fly None
4 1965.50.3050 Caddisfly None
5 1965.50.3310 Nest, mud dauber None
6 1967.0016 Nest, insect Made of mud; 3 cylinders and 1 broken about 3/4" x 12" total mass. Color: BR
7 1968.10.0474 Termitarium None
8 1968.10.0475 Termitarium Taper point.
9 1968.10.0476 Termitarium Fragment.
10 1968.10.0477 Termitarium Several smaller fragments in a metal can.
11 1968.9.51.0003 Weasel, northern long-tailed None
12 1970.0017 Butterfly Laminated.
13 1970.54.0008 Cocoon Color: TN
14 1970.54.0009 Cocoon Color: TN
15 1970.54.0010 Cocoon Color: TN
16 1970.54.0011 Cocoon Color: TN
17 1970.78.2.6A Earring These are earrings made from iridescent beetle wings and toucan feathers. Previously among the Awajún both men and women wore earrings. The men wore earrings made of beetle wings and toucan feathers, like these ones, and women wore earrings made entirely of toucan feathers. Both sexes have a small loop in their earlobes permanently on which they can hang different earrings. The toucan feathers are glued together by a native resin and this is an everyday ornamentation. For special occasions the earrings are made from two types of beetles and called "akite-tóika" after the beetles the wings are from. On these special occasions, the earrings are fastened with perforated bone and strung with glass pearls instead of simply attached to the small loop in the earlobe. They have three bundles of toucan feathers at the top and each strand of wings are taken from the Shining leaf chafer beetle and have a bundle of toucan feathers at the bottom. 1970.78.2.6A (Earring) image
18 1970.78.5.6 Horns, beetle 22 beetle horns with eyes tied together (not native) using standard white sewing thread. These horns come from a rhinoceros beetle and were used in stringing necklaces. 1970.78.5.6 (Horns, beetle) image
19 1973.30.0036 Lepidoptera Moths, Homoptera families.
20 1973.30.0037 Hymenoptera Also diptera families.
21 1973.30.0038 Coleoptera Also beetle families.
22 1973.30.0039 Lepidoptera Butterly families.
23 1973.30.0040 Coleoptera Beetle families.
24 1973.30.0041 Diptera Fly families.
25 1973.30.0042 Lepidoptera Moths.
26 1973.30.0043 Hemiptera Three hemiptera, 2 homoptera, 1 othroptera.
27 1978.46.0102 Scorpion Black shell; stinger in raised position. Color: BK
28 1978.46.0103 Scorpion Two scorpions joined together by wax. Red-yellow shells, red tail. a. 1 3/4" long x 1/2" wide. b. 1 1/2" long x 1/2" wide. Color: BK
29 1978.46.0104 Termite Queen. Yellow shell. Color: BK
30 1989.53.0004 Trilobite Block of shale with leaves.
31 1989.53.0005 Trilobite Small block of shale with leaf.