African Project: Ait Ouanonzquite

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1 2000.15.1 Boot a. and b. Pair of mid-shin high boots. Soles of leather, wool uppers with toe, heel, and edge trim of red leather. Interior wool undyed, exterior is multi-colored rows and geometric patterns. Back upper is one piece forming the the sides and back and featuring mid-lateral interbedded horizontal chevrons which alternate in color. These chevrons meet in the center of the back upper to form stylized diamonds. Above and below the chevrons are horizontal rows of alternating color giving way to a blue field highlighted by a white interlocking geometric pattern. Front upper depicts a truncated diamond pattern which encloses other stylized designs. Tounge is primarily simple horizontal rows of alternating color, periodicaly interspersed with zigzags and other geometric devices. The anterior portion of tounge exterior is undyed. The tounge edges are finished with yellow yarn. Laces twisted from two yarns, one green the other red. Laces are attached to front, and back uppers as well as through the tounge. Color: RD,BL,WH,GR,GD