African Project: Benin

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.0001 Sculpture Benin bronze depicting a figure holding a sword and wearing a three pronged crown. 1968.10.0001 (Sculpture) image
2 1968.10.0002 Sculpture Benin bronze depicting an enthroned Oba dressed in full ceremonial regalia for the Ugie Erha Oba. Figure sits erect, head tilted back about 40 degree angle. Arms hang away from body, with elbows slightly bent. Hands are flat, with palms facing inward, fingers together, and thumb spread away from other digits approx. 20-30 degrees. Feet, with heels approx. 1/2" apart, are placed flush against the throne, point forward, and hover approx. 1/8" above the ground. The figure's clothing replicates garments worn by the Oba for the religious ceremony venerating ancestral kings, Ugie Erha Oba. This includes a tunic, undertunic, headdress, and various ornaments. The actual headdress, overtunic, and many of the ornaments represented in the statue are made from woven coral beads, the actual undertunic is cloth, and the other ornaments are constructed from a variety of materials. The undertunic is in no way deliberately depicted; its implied shape simply provides the base for the tunic. 1968.10.0002 (Sculpture) image
3 1968.10.0053 Sculpture Benin bronze: standing figure with scepter, Forward side of crown on figure's left, missing. Left leg not complete from foot to skirt. Made by lost wax method. 1968.10.0053 (Sculpture) image
4 1968.10.87 Statue Bird in flight.
5 1968.10.88 Statue Man with one hand on top of head, other hand holding curved horn he is blowing.