African Project: Clothing

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1995.31.1a Swatch Rectangular swatch with pink and silver metallic thread (lurex from Japan) woven along the warp and pink cotton thread across the weft. 1995.31.1a (Swatch) image
2 1995.31.1b Swatch Rectangular swatch of yellow warp and yellow weft, with randomly woven silver metallic thread also woven across the weft. 1995.31.1b (Swatch) image
3 1995.31.1c Swatch Rectangular swatch, with wide blue stripes along edges with thin orange, black and gold metallic thread stripes in the center. Blue weft thread with minor amounts of gold metallic thread randomly woven into weft. (In photo it is mostly covered by the yellow swatch). 1995.31.1c (Swatch) image
4 1995.31.1d Swatch Rectangular swatch. Color stripes run lengthwise, purple on both edges, white and purple in center with thin gold stripes regularly spaced. Silver metallic thread randomly woven across weft. 1995.31.1d (Swatch) image
5 1995.31.2a Swatch Rectangular swatch. Black, green, fuchsia and yellow in the warp. Black along edges. Going toward the center from each side, green stripes, fuchsia, green, fuchsia, green, yellow, green and one wider stripe of fuchsia in center. Green and fuchsia are metallic threads, yellow and black are cotton. Black cotton thread in the weft. 1995.31.2a (Swatch) image
6 1995.31.2b Swatch Rectangular. Red cotton thread, silver, yellow, green and gold metallic threads woven along warp. Black cotton thread in the weft. Red along edges followed by thick silver stripes followed by thicker red stripes followed by thin silver stripes. On one side the stripes continue toward center yellow then silver then green (center stripe). The other side progresses in gold then silver before the center green stripe. 1995.31.2b (Swatch) image
7 1995.31.2c Swatch Rectangular. One edge is a wide white cotton stripe next to a thinner stripe of metallic blue, a thinner stripe of yellow cotton, a stripe of metallic silver, a thinner stripe of yellow cotton, a thin stripe of white, wider stripe of metallic blue, and a wider mauve stripe to make up the warp. A blue cotton thread with random silver metallic thread make up the weft. 1995.31.2c (Swatch) image
8 1995.31.2d Swatch Rectangular. Alternating stripes in a pattern of yellow, black, red, white, violet, yellow and blue make up the warp. Each color is separated by a warp of one gold metallic thread. Yellow cotton and silver metallic thread make up the weft. 1995.31.2d (Swatch) image
9 1995.31.2e Swatch Rectangular. White cottom threads make up the weft with silver metallic threads interspersed. Warp made up of slender withe cotton stripes on outside edges, with wide band of silver warp. 1995.31.2e (Swatch) image
10 1995.31.2f Swatch Rectangular. Red, yellow and black cotton threads and silver metallic threads woven in the warp. Red cotton threads woven in weft. From one side to other: wide red, slender silver, yellow, silver, wide red, wilver, yellow, slender silver, black, silver, wide yellow warp. 1995.31.2f (Swatch) image
11 1995.31.2g Swatch Rectangular. White & black cotton threads woven along the weft, and white cotton and blue and silver metallic threads along the warp. Narrow alternating stripes of silver, white and blue, wide blue, narrow white outside edges in warp. Weft black interspersed with silver. 1995.31.2g (Swatch) image
12 1995.31.2h Swatch Rectangular. Multicolored with alternating thin stripes beginning at edges. Two wide yellow stripes separated by a central stripe of red metallic thread and one silver metallic thread in center of swatch. Stripes run in the warp. Weft is made up of black cotton thread. 1995.31.2h (Swatch) image
13 1997.5.18 Suit Man's unlined, unfitted lightweight suit of gray tweed. Collar, narrow lapels and left edge are stiffened with non-woven fabric interfacing. No shoulder pads. Two chest pockets are patch styled with bottom corners rounded. Gold fabric is used at top and on a wedge at center edge, with a strip of suit fabric sewn on top of the gold. One-inch turned up hem. Slacks have single pleat each side, and slash pockets at side seams. Rear pocket on right has button tab. Belt loops. Inside facing is stamped "Executive Super Design". Legs have 2' hem. All hems and seams through are machine overcast.