African Project: Dan

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2008.4.8 Mask Small mask, possible fetish object for ancestral worship. The mask exhibits brass carved eyes, large protruding forehead,and a long carved nose. Smooth back, groves carved in sides of mask from top to cloth covering. Cloth covered lower portion of mask. The cloth is worn and discolored. There is a small gouge on forehead and top of mask. Discoloration on back. The mask previously attached to stand by donor. 2008.4.8 (Mask) image
2 2014-4-1 Mask A wooden oval-shape mask with strong lines appearing around the circumference of the mask. The eyes are small slits, a narrow nose, and a small open mouth exposing three aluminum teeth. The mask is covered in a black soot and small holes pierced around the circumference. The mask is in good condition except wear to the upper lip and nose from native use. 2014-4-1 (Mask) image
3 2014-4-3 Mask A wooden, elongated, oval-shaped mask in black color. The mask has a pronounced forehead, round, cut-out-eyes that are hightlighted with metal rings. The nose is narrow and the mouth is open and protruding with metal teeth exposed on the proper left side. The mouth also has a strip of cloth across the top lip that matches the one that covers the eyes. A series of three cicatrix marks appear around the perimeter of the mask. A fiber beard is attached below the chin. Holes are pierced around the circumference. A strip of cloth appears across the face, just above the nose. Has wear to the forehead, nose, lower lip, and chin from natural use. 2014-4-3 (Mask) image