African Project: Igbo

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.0054 Mask Long face, prominent teeth. Back is hollowed out. Hole at the top of head with a loop of straw in it. Big forehead, raised eliptical eyes, part of nose missing, 2 scarification marks on each cheek, open mouth with filed teeth flattened at tips. Horned headdress. A small face with closed eyes carved into forehead of mask (3"x3.5"). 1968.10.0054 (Mask) image
2 1995.2.0003 Mask Vertically oval with curved wood projections coming out of the top and bottom ends of the mask and nearly meeting at the front center as tapered points. Attached to holes at the back of the mask is a woven band of raffia. Face of mask has triangle eyes with point of triangle downward with tracks extending downward. May be scarification. Rectangle nose. Alongside eyes are 3 raised circles. 1995.2.0003 (Mask) image