African Project: Kitchen Utensils

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1990.21.0043 Cup Small goblet shaped cup, with no base, made out of tan and brown horn. 1990.21.0043 (Cup) image
2 1990.21.0044 Goblet Horn made into a small goblet. Grey/black with tan streaks. 2 grooves cut in top and 2 in bottom of the cup. 1990.21.0044 (Goblet) image
3 1990.21.0045 Goblet Carved horn made into a small goblet. 1990.21.0045 (Goblet) image
4 1990.21.0046 Goblet Carved horn that is one shade of yellow made into a small goblet. 1990.21.0046 (Goblet) image
5 1990.21.0047 Goblet Carved horn made into a small goblet. Yellow with brown streaks. 1990.21.0047 (Goblet) image
6 1990.21.0048 Cup Carved horn made into a small goblet. 1990.21.0048 (Cup) image
7 1990.21.0049 Goblet Carved horn that is entirely one shade of yellow, made into a goblet. 1990.21.0049 (Goblet) image
8 1990.21.51 Carafe Small glass carafe with the symbol of Haile Selassie, the lion of Judah, formed into the side of the glass. 1990.21.51 (Carafe) image
9 2010.17.38 Mold, butter Wooden utensil used to mold butter with an intricate 'face' shape in middle and a long handle with hole for storage. 2010.17.38 (Mold, butter) image
10 2010.17.39 Mold, butter Wooden butter mold with face pattern in the center resembling that of an owl and a long handle with hole at end for storage. 2010.17.39 (Mold, butter) image
11 2010.17.40 Mixer Wooden tool, possibly a mixer of some kind, with a gear like design and a handle. 2010.17.40 (Mixer) image
12 2010.17.41 Mold, butter Wooden mold utensil with long handle and intricate circular pattern in the center. 2010.17.41 (Mold, butter) image
13 2010.17.42 Masher Wooden mallet/masher type tool with etched lines around the wider portion, flat sanded end, and a short handle with painted lines around it. 2010.17.42 (Masher) image
14 2010.17.45 Spoon Large wooden spoon with a carved animal at the top of the handle, possibly a bird. 2010.17.45 (Spoon) image
15 2010.17.46 Pin, rolling Wooden rolling pin with painted stripes on either side and a hole in one of the stakes for hanging. 2010.17.46 (Pin, rolling) image