African Project: Koro

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2007.3.0013 Bowl, libation Male figure Gbine libation bowl. Elongated neck wrapped in rope, shells attached. Triangle pattern carved on shoulders, portion of back. Oval pattern and large diamond pattern carved into center back. Head has large crest. Bowl on stomach is connected at the rim of bowl to other side of rim. Feet are damaged and worn. Bowl area is stained and discolored. Rope is stained and worn. Shell is damaged. 2007.3.0013 (Bowl, libation) image
2 2007.3.0014 Bowl, Libation Female Gbine libation bowl figure. Triangle pattern on front shoulders and back. Large diamond pattern down center of back. Oval pattern on back shoulder blade area. Protruding stylized breasts. Elongated neck wrapped with rope and 2 shells. Bowl rims are connected. Feet damaged, wood scarred with holes and gauges. Crest on head is missing a piece of wood. Bowl is gouged on outside. 2007.3.0014 (Bowl, Libation) image
3 2007.3.0015 Bowl, libation Gbine Libation bowl. Triangle pattern carved on front and back. Tiny diamond pattern carved down center of back and center of chest. Elongated neck. Deep bowl. Wood Carved to curve inward towards center of bowl, but rims do not meet. Knees slightly bent. Wood smooth and discolored, wood is damaged heavily at feet. One leg is split open. 2007.3.0015 (Bowl, libation) image
4 2007.3.0016 Bowl, libation Male Gbine libation bowl figure. Elongated neck wrapped in rope. Shells attached. Triangle pattern on shoulders and back. Small diamond pattern on center of back and center of chest. Bowl has chevron pattern. Head has large crest. Knees slightly bent. Feet are damaged and missing pieces of wood. Wood is discolored. Head has scratches and dirt. Bowl rim is chipped. 2007.3.0016 (Bowl, libation) image
5 2007.3.0017 Bowl, libation Male Gbine libation bowl. Triangle pattern on front shoulders/chest and on back. Small diamond pattern in center of chest and back. Elongated neck wrapped with rope and 3 shells attached. Chevron pattern on bowl. Large crest. Nose and mouth pronounced. Bottom of feet damaged. Arms have gouges and many scratches. Rim of bowl chipped. Wood dirty and discolored. 2007.3.0017 (Bowl, libation) image
6 2007.3.0018 Bowl, libation Female anthropomorphic libation figures known as Gbine. Triangle pattern and small diamond pattern down center of back and front. Elongated neck wrapped in rope. The breasts are extenuated. The head has a vertical crest that attaches to the nose. The bowl rim is connected through the center with a raised belly button. The toes are damaged, the rim of the bowl is worn and chipped, and the face is cracked. There are scratches on side of leg. 2007.3.0018 (Bowl, libation) image
7 2007.3.0019 Bowl, libation Male anthropomorphic libation figure known as Gbine. Chevron pattern carved into figure. Neck is wrapped in textile. The head has a vertical crest that connects to the nose. There are no facial features. Bowl forms a figure 8 shape, and exhibits a crack. The textile is stained and frayed. 2007.3.0019 (Bowl, libation) image