African Project: Kuba

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2015-3-10 Cup, Kuba (Bashilele) Wooden drinking cup in human form with exaggerated feet, small thin body and short arms held together in front of his body. The large head is square in shape with coffee-bean eyes, sweeping eyebrows, narrow nose, small partially open mouth and cicatrix markings on both temples. The cup is brown in color and in good condition dating to the mid-20th century. 2015-3-10 (Cup, Kuba (Bashilele) ) image
2 2015-3-8 Mask, Binji A wooden helmet mask black in color has a pronounced nose, bulbous cheeks, protruding ears, and protruding visor covered with red abrus seeds. Animal fur is attached to the top of the mask and animal black fur attached to the lower rim of the mask. A fiber strap is attached through the area below the nose for a dancer to hold while preforming. Kuba (Binji) geometric designs appear on the surface of the mask. The mask is in good condition with native repairs to the ears and cheeks. The mask dates to the mid 20th century. 2015-3-8 (Mask, Binji) image
3 2015-3-9 Cup Large wooden drinking cup with round flared base and double ring at the base. Classic Kuba linear scars on both cheeks and riple eyebrow markings and geometric markings below the rim. Black in color and in good condition with a split at the base area. Date of the Kuba cup is the mid 20th Century. Kuba Cup 2015-3-9 (Cup) image