African Project: Loma

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2008.4.0002 Mask Large mask used for Poro rituals, a secret society initiation for men. The mask has a protruding forehead and nose. Very small eyes. 3 Horns on top, center horn split at top. Carved striations in horns. Triangle pattern carved into forehead. Large X pattern carved on face, holes carved around edge of mask for raffia/costume attachment, no raffia is present. There are wear marks on mask, wood split on back edge of mask.There is damage to top of mask, possible insect damage. 2008.4.0002 (Mask) image
2 2008.4.0003 Mask Flat board mask with large horns curve up on sides. 3 smaller nodules rise between 2 horns. Cut pieces of rope attached to raised circle on front of mask. Nose or chin carved from circle. Raised circle is covered in cloth or canvas attached to wood. Dings and scrapes on mask. Right front side has area rubbed free of pigment. Scrape on back left side. Horns scraped. There is staining from oil. 2008.4.0003 (Mask) image
3 2008.4.0004 Mask Poro mask used for the initiation into a secret society. Rounded protruding forehead. Three horns, center split "v" shaped. Large nose, small rounded eyes. Holes carved for costume raffia attachment. No scarification. Nostrils are carved into the nose. Many gouges in face-several cracks in face. Damage above both eyes. Crack above left eye on forehead. Right horn broken off and reattached and loose. Crack on nose. Inside top damaged. 2008.4.0004 (Mask) image
4 2008.4.0005 Mask, Ritual Mask used for Poro secret society initiation for Loma men. Mask with curving horns with center carving. Rectangular pattern carved into center and in band along forehead. There are two grooves carved above eyes. The forehead is carved into two areas. The facial features exhibit a triangular shaped nose, half-moon ears, and slit eyes and mouth. Two metal plates on cheeks and one diamond shape on chin. Light surface wear, dirt, and scratches. Dirt or pigment residue evident on mask. 2008.4.0005 (Mask, Ritual) image
5 2008.4.0006 Mask Mask for the Poro secret society initiation for Loma men. Mask with horns. Rectangular comb between two horns. 5 oblong nodules on forehead, 3 incised striations on forehead under nodules. Triangular shaped nose, slitted eyes and mouth. Curving triangular shaped metal plates attached to cheeks, long rectangular shape from chin to under mouth. Half-circle ears with striated nodule attached below ear. Diamond pattern carved on comb. Horn tips painted white. Evidence of pigment residue on mask. Small chips on nodules. Crack on top of mask bisecting carved hole for costume attachment. Long crack on back of mask near bottom. 2008.4.0006 (Mask) image