African Project: Luba-Shankadi

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2007.3.0010 Mask Male Kifwebe mask. White narrow striations with smooth black sections. Small crest on forehead. Small square mouth with center circle. Eyelids are very narrow and curve upward. Prominent eye brows. Many circles carved in perimeter of mask for costume attachment. Proper left forehead and cheek is gouged and damaged, but painted over by the original creator. Pigment is worn and damaged in spots. 2007.3.0010 (Mask) image
2 2007.3.0011 Mask Kifwebe female mask with white interwoven striation pattern on cheeks. The lower part of the mask has striated diamond pattern. There is a vertical crest at the center of the forehead that attaches to a large nose. The eyes are slit shaped and the mouth protrudes in an "X" shape. There is red pigment around eyes. Grass raffia is attached to mask through carved holes along the bottom. The mask exhibits damage to wood on two sides of mask, the outer, and crest. Wood is scratched and dented in many places. 2007.3.0011 (Mask) image
3 2007.3.0012 Figure, religious Female power figure. Diamond pattern scarification on belly, sides, and lower back. Arms raised to clasp breasts. Large, serene face with coffee bean shaped eyes. Three terraced hair style with striations and top knot. Knees are slightly bent. Head cracked at top near knot. Hair style damaged, piece of wood missing. Heels damaged at base. Belly and genital area cracked. Base near toes cracked. Crack on forehead over eye. Elbow and side cracked. Stained and discolored. 2007.3.0012 (Figure, religious) image