African Project: Masai

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1983.13.0001 Collar Circular wire collar. There are 14 rows of beads with five leather strips that intersect the beads approximately 6 inches apart. There is a hook and eye attachment. 1983.13.0001 (Collar) image
2 2010.17.0008 Shield Souvenir Maasai shield, white stripe running down middle with black triangles outlined in red, separates red and black sides, almond shaped design on each side with a large white section surrounded by red and black sections containing small white triangles, shield is an almond shape made of buffalo hide with wooden supports and grip, white string on back used for hanging, ocher used as paint. 2010.17.0008 (Shield) image
3 2010.17.126 Necklace 'bib' or 'choker' style necklace of small opaque and translucent beads strung together in intricate patterns-similar to (smaller) 2010.17.127 with exception of the ends and 'X' pattern. Along the top of the piece are a series of orange triangles separated by yellow/green 'X' pattern, below is a border row of the translucent green beads then a cascading pattern of the genetic style pattern in green and yellow beads-the ends trail off into singular rows of green translucent beads secured by a large white bead at each end and a small yellow bead to close off, straps are strands (4) of orange beads which fasten around the neck with loose strings at ends 2010.17.126 (Necklace) image
4 2010.4.24 Earring Two triangular shaped earrings made from metal and beads. The triangle metal is similar to a spring; tightly coiled. At the top of the triangle is a small hook to connect the ends together. On the two legs are three beads; white, blue, white. The base of the triangle has four rows of beads; yellow, blue, blue, white. Connected to the bottom of the triangle are dangles with different colored beads that end in silver triangles pointing down. Earring a: Dangle has orange, green, white then large red, then white beads. Earring b: Dangle has orange, green, large yellow, blue and white beads. Color: multi 2010.4.24 (Earring) image