African Project: Mende

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.0006 Mask, Ritual White polychrome mask with painted black details. Attached to the edges of the mask is a white cotton cloth, attached with nails. The eyes are cut out and the mouth is carved in. The detail of the hair protrudes on either side of the forehead. 1968.10.0006 (Mask, Ritual) image
2 1968.10.0051 Mask White painted face mask. The facial features are small and detailed in the center. The eye holes are cut out and the lips are painted red. There are two vertical yellow stripes on either cheek. The entire face is outlined in yellow paint, the proper right ear has been broken off. At the top of the mask is a half oval extension outlined in brown paint. There are two box nails at the top of the mask, on the proper left side. 1968.10.0051 (Mask) image
3 1968.10.0052 Carving Five inches high, hip to top of head. Hands folded down in front. Prominent facial features, very prominent lips. 1968.10.0052 (Carving) image
4 1968.10.0114 Carving Modern soapstone carving, bust with hands over nose. Heavy. 1968.10.0114 (Carving) image
5 1968.10.0129 An saka Beads on cord. Top one called jade there. a. Gourd, b. Handle. 1968.10.0129 (An saka) image
6 1968.10.0130 An saka An saka. See 68.10.129 for how to play. Green and black beads on white string. No bead at top. 1968.10.0130 (An saka) image
7 1968.10.0131 An saka An saka. Mende musical instrument. See 68.10.129. Decorated with cowry shells and brown seeds on cord. No bead at top of cord. a. gourd. b. handle (numbered on reverse side of a cowry shell at broad end.) 1968.10.0131 (An saka) image
8 L1968.10.0011JK Mask Red polychrome mask with cut out eye holes. The entirety of the face is painted red, with black paint for eyebrows and the detail of the lips. There is center part down the center of the top of the head, on a white background with black dotted detail. Around the edge of the mask are multiple box nails to hold raffia headdress. L1968.10.0011JK (Mask) image