African Project: Morocco

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.86 Box Small, inlaid. 1968.10.86 (Box) image
2 1973.54.6.2 Necklace Beaded in black and white. Double strand comes together with large yellow bead; from this bead 8 strands of black beads fan out to form top of 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" square of beaded white and black beads. This square is trimmed with 8 small strings of white beads. One of these small strands contains one black bead; otherwise all strands are completely white. At opposite end there is 3" of plain string white knot at end where necklace is closed. Number on yellow bead. Color: BK,WH
3 2010.17.110 Bottle, toilet medium brass eye makeup bottle (a) and applicator (b) for women with stylized appicator, diamond shaped
4 2010.17.116 Earring earring, highly stylized face with silver ball in centre, 5 bells attached at the ends, metal piece attached for placement in ear Color: SL
5 2010.17.120 Necklace metal, string, and one red bead (probably plastic) very crude looking necklace, mace shaped beads, cross beads, and a few stylized ball shapes, heavy, disjointed looking Color: SL, RD