African Project: Ogoni

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1995.2.0001 Mask, Ritual Carved wooden face with bird standing on head. Articulated jaw. Stylized face painted silver. Hair, eyebrows, lids, scarification on cheek, and lower eyelashes painted black. Scarification on cheek has also been carved in. Nails to left rear of bird and right rear of chin. The latter nail pierces a small piece of leather/hide. Jaw attached with fiber through holes in jaw and holes below ears. Ears are pierced. Holes above ear and at rear of hairline. Wire looped through as if for hanging object on wall. 1995.2.0001 (Mask, Ritual) image
2 1995.2.0002 Mask Stylized face with right eye higher than left. Articulated jaw. Unpainted, or with black/brown finish. Hair is parted in the center and hangs down to bottom of ears in tresses. Jaw attached on left side with fibers, right side with wire. Various nails located around mask close to the back edge. 1995.2.0002 (Mask) image