African Project: Senufo

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1 2007.3.0007 Mask Kpeliye'e masks of the Senufo people. Large hornbill bird on top of mask. Oblong shaped ears. Triangle shape jutting from temples and jaw area. Three raised bumps on forehead. Raised oblong circles near nose. Scarification on mask. Legs extending on either side of chin. Teeth barred. Small protrusion under lower lip. Hornbill bird has triangular shapes carved on tail. Piece of wood broken off top of mask on rim. Wood is dirty, discolored from oil and mud. Dings and scratches in wood. 2007.3.0007 (Mask) image
2 2007.3.0008 Mask Kpeliye'e mask of the Senufo people. Open oval comb shape at top of mask, with rectangle shape between the two ovals. Stylized rectangles at temples with holes in center. One raised nodule on forehead. Semicircles at cheek area. Legs at chin. Elongated, pointed chin. Flat bottom on nose. Mouth has lower teeth. Protrusion from under lower mouth. Scarification on cheeks. Nose has chip out of center of nose. Lower protrusion is damaged at tip. Scratches, dirt, and wear on outside of mask. 2007.3.0008 (Mask) image
3 2007.3.0009 Mask Kpeliye'e mask of the Senufo people. Hornbill bird headed human like figure with outstretched wings meeting upward curving ears or horns. Protruding forehead nodule. Cheeks have very small semicircles between cheeks and legs. Small mouth, no teeth. Pointed chin. Small protrusion under mouth. Scarification on face. Wood dirty and scratched. Cord worn and frayed. Cording attached to mask near wings and cheeks. 2007.3.0009 (Mask) image
4 2009.2.0022 Mask Carved wood painted mask made to mimic the look of a bird with a crest on top, beak, and projection off bottom of the chin. Square eye holes with the nose protruding from in between the eyes. The mask is painted in a vertical striped pattern. There are small holes on side, possibly to attach the raffia. 2009.2.0022 (Mask) image
5 2009.2.8 Mask Kpeliye'e mask of the Senufo people. Carved, hollowed out, wooden, human face mask. Bird on top of head, resting on half circle with checkerboard pattern. Protuberance on forehead center, with incised marks (scarification patterns). Eyes are slits, eyebrows and cheeks have checkerboard pattern. Long, narrow nose goes down most of the face. Rectangular mouth with squarish teeth. Chin is flat and comes to a point. Two handle-like tubular pieces project down from the jaw. 2009.2.8 (Mask) image
6 2017-17-6 Mask Kpeliye'e mask of the Senufo people. Oval, elongated face, with carved eye slits. There are two large protrusions out either side of the mask, with two handle-like pieces that protrude out through the side of the jaw. The lips extend outward, with three etches on either side of the mouth. There is a fin-like structure that extends out from the center of the top of the mask. 2017-17-6 (Mask) image
7 2017-17-7 Mask Kpeliye'e mask of the Senufo people. Oval, elongated face with scarring on cheeks and on protrusions along the lower jaw. The mouth extends from the face and exhibits a cylindrical beard-like object extending below the lips. The eyes are carved out slits. There is a fin shaped protrusion coming out from the top of the mask. 2017-17-7 (Mask) image
8 L1968.10.0003JK Mask, Ritual Kpeliye'e masks of the Senufo people, created and worn by intiates of the Poro secret men's society. This signifies the initiation into the men's secret community. Oval, elongated face, with horizontal carved slits for eyes and pursed lips. There are checkered patterned pieces extending from either side of the face. There are animal-like ears at the top of the mask. Out the sides of the lower cheeks there are horn-like structures that reach out below the chin. L1968.10.0003JK (Mask, Ritual) image