African Project: Temne

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1 1968.10.0013 Instrument An Kon Koma. Marimba instrument of Temne tribe. The language around the opening is Temne and says, "Great is the love I have for thee." It is made from a hollow box, with a semi circular opening. In front of the opening are metal spokes that, when tapped, create sound. 1968.10.0013 (Instrument) image
2 2016-18-4 Mask A wooden round Temne Helmet mask with great age. the head is round in form with olive-shape eyes, round plug-shape mouth, and a very small short nose. There are three vertical cut-out opening below the nose for sight and a shelf for rim just above the base where a series of holes are pieced for attachments that are no longer there. The coiffure is carved behind the head with natural old erosion on the top and sides of the mask. Old cracks appear on the head from age. The wood is very light and dry due to age. The mask dates to the late 19th or early 20th century. 2016-18-4 (Mask) image
3 L1968.10.7JK Drum Bunda society drum. The head is made out of animal skin and the exterior is decorated with braided rope vertically tied around the circumference of the drum. There is thinner braided rope around the center of the drum. L1968.10.7JK (Drum) image