African Project: Textiles

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1978.46.31 Apron Tie-dyed cloth. Indigo and white mottled esign. Pocket on right front side. Cloth strap ties on ends. 1978.46.31 (Apron) image
2 1978.46.52 Cap School boy's; white cotton cloth, center seam, tapered sides to point. 1978.46.52 (Cap) image
3 1990.21.18 Dress Dress and shamma. a. Dress, formal; cotton gauze over silk. White with gold, yellow, orange, red and blue weaving around the hem. b. Shamma, formal, cotton gauze. Matches dress. 1990.21.18 (Dress) image
4 1990.21.19 Shawl Shamma, white with black and white border. 1990.21.19 (Shawl) image
5 1990.21.20 Shawl Shamma, cotton gauze. White with black and white border. 1990.21.20 (Shawl) image
6 1990.21.21 Shawl Shamma, white with green and white weaving along the ends and across the center of the length. 1990.21.21 (Shawl) image
7 1990.21.22 Shawl White with green woven border across the ends and across the center of the length.
8 1990.21.66 Shawl Ends are fringed and tasseled. Stripes of black, gold, green and white run the length. The ends are striped in gold and orange running crosswise on the last 12". 1990.21.66 (Shawl) image
9 1990.21.67 Shawl Orange with darker color border. 1990.21.67 (Shawl) image
10 1990.21.68 Shawl Orange with black stripes stamped along ends and across the center of the length; a single stripe runs along the sides of the length. 1990.21.68 (Shawl) image