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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.0009 Figurine, bird Carved bird out of a light wood with burnt design and on circular, movable base. 1968.10.0009 (Figurine, bird) image
2 1968.10.0055 Mask Black mask, broad face. There are two horizontal etchings on either cheek. At the natural hairline is a carving of a headpiece with a checkered design. There are carved out eye holes, with the illusion that the eyes are half closed. 1968.10.0055 (Mask) image
3 1968.10.0066 Mask, Ritual Antelope-human figure with reddish brown face with black highlights. There are two horn-like figures coming out either side of the chin, with dyed black stripes. The cheeks have a single horizontal etch. At the hairline, there is a band with a black circular adornment laying in the center of the forehead. The top of the head has very detailed, braid-like etchings. In the center of the top of the head is a triangular arch with a teardrop shaped detail at the top, with two black striped horns on either side. It is made out of a very heavy red wood. 1968.10.0066 (Mask, Ritual) image
4 1968.10.148 Purse, change Purse made of leather. The body of the purse is decorated with horizontal lines and the lid has vertical lines with small flowers in a vertical line. The edges of the purse are lined with a darker leather. 1968.10.148 (Purse, change) image
5 1968.10.149 Wallet Wallet made out of stiff leather. 2 pockets each side, center one pink. The exterior is decorated with diamonds and circles that mimic flowers. 1968.10.149 (Wallet) image
6 1968.10.150 Wallet Folded wallet made from leather. 6 pockets inside plus coin section. Gold design stamped on billfold, and inside also "OR 22 CARATS". 1968.10.150 (Wallet) image
7 1968.10.151 Purse, change Purse made out of scaled skin with a lid folds over the front. 1968.10.151 (Purse, change) image
8 1968.10.155 Dye, hair Small packet of hair dye wrapped in a bag with a piece of cotton rope.
9 1968.10.98 Portfolio Snakeskin (outside) and leather-pocketed (inside) with side pockets and zipper. There are tassles on either side. 1968.10.98 (Portfolio) image
10 1977.39.0001 Figurine, animal Lion, XII Dynasty, 1991-1785 B. C. Depicts a male lion lying on its stomach, with its head erect, and mouth open as if growling. Stamped on the base "M.M.A. c 1976." 1977.39.0001 (Figurine, animal) image
11 1977.39.0002 Mask Miniature reproduction of Tutankhamun's burial mask (XVIII Dynasty, 1567-1320 B. C.) Depicts the head of the king wearing a full headdress and highly decorative necklace, or collar. The facial features, including the braided beard are well detailed. The reverse of the figure is stamped "c M. M. A. 1976." a. Mask b. Plastic stand. 1977.39.0002 (Mask) image
12 1978.26.0001 Figurine, animal Reproduction of Lion XVIII Dynasty, 1567-1320 B. C. Cast in polymer, red tongue, blue nose, claws, tip of tail and accents above eyes, gold eyes with black details. A full mane is carved around the head and neck. Base marked "M.M. A. 1976. Color: ML 1978.26.0001 (Figurine, animal) image
13 1978.26.0002 Figurine Twenty-four kt. gold electroplate reproduction of a Standing King, XVIII Dynasty, 1567-1320 B. C. Decorative crown, pleated kilt, ornamented apron. Base marked "M.M.A. 1976" . 1978.26.0002 (Figurine) image
14 1978.26.3 Ring Reproduction XVIII Dynasty, 1559-1320 B. C. seal carved in the shape of a beetle and mounted in a ring, flat side engraved with figures; 24 kt. gold electroplate; inside ring marked "M.M.A. 1976". Inside of ring marked, "M.M.A. 1976".
15 1978.26.4A Necklace, scarab Pendant and chain, reproduction of treasure from tomb of Tutankhamen. a. Decorated brass scarab pendant, XVIII Dynasty 1567-1320 B.C., depicting Tutankhamen wearing the Atef crown, a corselet over his shoulders, a pointed kilt with an apron, and an animal's tail at the back. The two gods, Ra-Harakhty and Atum stand on each side of the king. A metal loop is at the top of the scarab. 24 kt. gold electroplate. "MMA/1976" impressed on reverse.
16 1978.26.4B Chain, Scarab Necklace Chain to scarab pendant. Woven 12 kt. gold-filled chain, with end hooks and ring fastener.
17 1978.27 Ring Reproduction ring of a Single cartouche from the XVIII Dynasty, 1567-1320 B. C. Inscribed with the seated figure of Amun, scepter in left hand, and ankh sign of life in his right. Headdress a cap surmounted by two plumes and the sun disk.
18 1990.21.0073 Bowl Bowl with leaves, vies, and musical instruments painted on the interior. Outside has 2 sets of 2 rings carved into it. 1990.21.0073 (Bowl) image
19 1990.21.17 Painting "Women at Stream"; on canvas. Seven females carrying jugs on their backs. 1990.21.17 (Painting) image
20 1997.5.0001 Figurine Human figure with elaborate mask. Central part of mask is a carved wooden face surrounded by raffia that extends, front & back, to thighs. wooden mask includes ears. Patterns of paint are on forehead, nose, cheeks and lower lip. Eyes are openings in mask. Legs are covered in black fabric. Figure holds a bow and arrow at left, and two sticks at right. Strips of fabric, some red, some white, are woven into raffia. Two are visible in front; others are hidden in the raffia. 1997.5.0001 (Figurine) image
21 1997.5.0002 Figurine Navy blue knit figure carrying a stick. Eyes are pasted on and outlined in red string. A white feather pierces the forehead and there is a red raffia top knot. Tri-color (red, navy blue, tan) ruff is knotted on at wrists and ankles. a larger, wider ruff encircles the neck. Attached to this are three white feathers, and in back, a gold edged green fabric stiff crown shape. Below the ruff around the waist, the figure wears a lavender cummerbund that extends down the back to three horizontal panels, lavender, white, lavender. 1997.5.0002 (Figurine) image
22 2017-1-7 Painting Native African folk art. Cardboard backing on linen held with assorted pins and nails. Acrylic paint with artist's signature in bottom right corner. 2017-1-7 (Painting) image
23 L1968.10.5JK Sword Cast metal sword with handle. The length of the sword is slightly curved and attaches to the top of the wooden handle. The handle has horizontal stripes on the grip and a "s" shaped piece of metal attaching the top of the handle to the bottom. Attached to the bottom of the handle is a round piece of aluminum. L1968.10.5JK (Sword) image
24 UNIM1986.14.1980.19.9 Purse Envelope style purse with 6 1/4" deep flap. Leather divider inside to make 2 compartments. 34 1/2" long braided thong handle attaches to 2 leather loops on top of purse. Edges of purse bound & sewn. Front of purse & flap are scored in X design. UNIM1986.14.1980.19.9 (Purse) image