African Project: Tuareg

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1 2009.2.0046 Pole, tent Tent pole carved into very decorative shapes stacked on each other for top half of pole. Geometric designs are etched into the the various shapes. Bottom half is a plain, smooth cylinder. 2009.2.0046 (Pole, tent) image
2 2009.2.31 Necklace Silver pendant with string of black plastic(?) discs threaded with red glass beads. 6 red beads at back of neck, 3 red beads at each side, and 3 red beads at each side of pendant. The pendant has cut-outs on the sides with a horizontal bar across the center attached to two smaller vertical bars on each side of a center square - a cross shape. There is a keyhole-like motif above the center square with a curved bar across the bottom with a center point. There are four metal peg protrusions attached to the four outside corners of the pendant. Facing into the cut-out portion (around the center square) there are 4 fingers with holes through the ends. At the very bottom of pendant there are two flat wedge pieces attached with rings on each side of the bottom center point. To finish off the metal work there is fine etching in lines and dots all around the pendant. 2009.2.31 (Necklace) image
3 2009.2.42 Knife a. Double-bladed straight knife with handmade steel blade. Hilt is made of brass and copper metals. Center portion of hilt is finely etched with lines in intricate patterns. The bottom handle part is tubular brass with flat brass bars boxed around the hilt. b. Metal sheath for blade. Brass with copper overlay. Fine lines etched in elaborate patterns on the copper. C. Clip to lock sheath on to knife. Bar shaped with a handle. Color: BR, SL, GD
4 2010.17.0142 Saddle Forked Tuareg Camel Saddle (terik), made by lashing wood and rawhide together and covering it with leather which is often colored, 3 prong fork design at front and tear drop shaped seat back both decorated with black and brown leather and tan rawhide, attached to circular seat that is on top of a triangular base that fits over the camel's back, base has leather ties to attach to camel bridle and bags. On each side of base there is one black metal ring with 2 dark brown leather straps attached (decorative but also useful for attaching bridle and bags), Large black stamp underneath saddle. 2010.17.0142 (Saddle) image