African Project: Yaure

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2006.13.0001 Mask Mblo mask used in Mblo performance and dance. Oval wooden mask with delicate facial features- small moth, long slender nose, arched eyebrows. There are three small scar slashes on the side of eyes and between eyebrows. Carved design for hair on top of head. mask has 2 horns in back of head that curve up and in. 3 wooden carved plaited braids curve down to forehead. Has small wooden beard on chin. There are three holes on each side for possible raffia attachments. 2006.13.0001 (Mask) image
2 2006.13.0002 Mask Oval shaped mblo mask is carved with delicate facial features (slit for eyes, finely arched eyebrows with small slits across and connecting to ears, small cubed shaped mouth, thin ridge for nose with no nostrils, tiny semicircular ears). Has scarification marks on both cheeks, the proper right cheek has a plus sign and the proper left has an equal sign. There are three small slashes carved on each corner of mouth. The headband carved with geometric triangle pattern separating face and hairline. There is a carved frog sitting on top front center of head and a small beard around face with small point on chin. There are two holes on each side of face for attaching raffia or string. 2006.13.0002 (Mask) image
3 2006.13.0006 Mask Wooden carved mask. Has human facial features and ears of an antelope, also has animal horns. Hairline and eyebrows carved. Paint on/in ears and horns. Texture on top is hair. 2006.13.0006 (Mask) image
4 2008.4.0010 Mask, Ritual Mblo Mask. Seated male figure on top of mask. Figure is holding a cylindrical object in his hands. Mask has carved striated hair, flat on head. 3 raised scarification marks on forehead and at the outside corner of the eyes. Large almond-shaped eyes, slitted beneath open mouth with carved banding from sides of nose extending to beneath chin. Open carved zig-zag pattern from corners of eyes to chin. Pentagon shape extending from chin. Large crack and split on inside of lower mask, extending to outside front. Left side zig-zags are broken and missing near chin. Crack on top of mask, crack on inside chin. 2008.4.0010 (Mask, Ritual) image
5 2014-4-2 Mask A wooden, oval-shaped mask with sweeping eyebrows, kaolin (white) colored heavy upper eyelids, narrow, elongated nose, and small, closed mouth with kaolin (white). The coiffure is designed with a series of triangle shapes highlighted in kaolin (white) and a series of rows on the top and side of the mask. A triangular shaped beard is carved around the cheeks. A series of holes are pierced on both sides of the mask and there are two holes on top of the mask. 2014-4-2 (Mask) image