American Indian PSS

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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.22 Moccasin Beaded, mostly green squares, with one line of red squares and one line of blue squares across top. Band of yellow beads with small blue geometric shapes goes all around bottom edge of moccasin. Unbeaded leather cuff with long, pointed tongue piece. Rawhide sole. a. Left b. Right Color: GR,YL,RD,BL,WH 00.30.22 (Moccasin) image
2 00.30.320 Quill Flattener None
3 00.30.33 Pipe Stem and bowl. a. Bowl with incised lines. b. Wooden stem, with stitching on handle. Color: TN,RD,BL,WH,GY 00.30.33 (Pipe) image
4 1970.17.10 Tin 4 oz metal Hiawatha brand tobacco tin with hinged lid. Mustard yellow label with ornate red and black detailing and red and black text. Sides and top contain images of a Native American holding a bow and arrows and standing near a body of water with a canoe and teepees visible in the background along with text. Inside there is a single piece of white fabric. 1970.17.10 (Tin) image
5 1972.2.3.12 Stereograph "Schoolhouse. Sac and Fox Agency I. T." Shows children seated and standing on the grass in front of a one-room brick schoolhouse. Color: BK,WH 1972.2.3.12 (Stereograph) image
6 1974.23.6 Hatband Indian bead-work. Color: OR, WT, GR, BL 1974.23.6 (Hatband) image
7 1974.24.6 Drawing Black Hawk. Page 29 of "A Cartoon History of Iowa". Artist: Herb Hake 1974.24.6 (Drawing) image
8 1975.4.126 Folio Blackfeet Indians, Glacier National Park, souvenir folder. Pictures of Blackfeet on the reservation at Glacier National Park in Montana. Shown are some individual Indians and their way of life. 1975.4.126 (Folio) image
9 1975.4.268 Ribbon, Ephemera Convention ribbon, white silk with black letters and design. "Twenty-Seventh Annual Reunion, Buchanan County Veterans' Association, Brandon, Iowa, August 10 and 11, 1904. Central eagle, ribbon, and star design. This is a commemorative ribbon celebrating 27 years of reunions. It could possibly be in reference to the veterans survived the Battle of Little Bighorn in June of 1876. 1975.4.268 (Ribbon, Ephemera) image
10 1987.25.1 Headdress Roach, hairbased. a. Roach. Porcupine hair and deer hair. b. Walnut storage stick for headdress. c. Cloth wrappings for headdress. Color: BR, YL 1987.25.1 (Headdress) image
11 1987.25.5 Necklace Trade bead; clam shell disc. 1987.25.5 (Necklace) image
12 1987.25.7 Bowl,Burl Made from a burl 1987.25.7 (Bowl,Burl) image
13 1987.25.8 Fork Carved handle with Fox clan symbol engraved on handle. Color: BR 1987.25.8 (Fork) image
14 1988.24.10 Bracelet Red, white and black beadwork and snap closure. Color: RD,WH,BK 1988.24.10 (Bracelet) image
15 1988.24.12 Bracelet Wide beaded bracelt made of white, black, yellow, green and orange beadwork. Color: WH,BK,YL,OR,GR 1988.24.12 (Bracelet) image
16 1988.24.3 Pouch Beadwork in blue, green, white, yellow, red and black on one side only. Color: ML 1988.24.3 (Pouch) image
17 1989.43.45 Moccasin For a papoose. Design on top of white, green, purple, and red beads. Tied together by their laces. a & b Color: WH,GR,PR,RD 1989.43.45 (Moccasin) image
18 1989.43.46 Pouch For tobacco. One side has a window shape design made out of blue beads and very few red beads. The other side has seven groups of three strings of beads (two red and one green) and blue and black beads around the outside. There are yellow and maroon beads lining the edge all the way around the pouch and it has a leather pull tight strap. Color: ML 1989.43.46 (Pouch) image
19 2002.7.140 Magazine The Iowa Magazine section - "The Eighth Wonder" , "How Iowa Counties Were Named" . "How Iowa Counties Were Named" written on the front cover in pencil. Color: WH,BK
20 2004.8.29.2 Book "My Indian Art Book" Art Appreciation Textbooks - Part III by Cora Elder Stafford & Pearl Rucker. Color illustrations & b/w photos & illustrations. Two Indians in front of a teepee on cover. Color: GR, BL, GY