Angela and Noah

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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.1.0002 Model, topographic "Coastal Plain and Mountains". Plaster model depicting a geologic environment. Harvard Geographical Models, No. 2. Color: CR
2 00.70.0072b Bullet Six pieces a-f No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot Found: Port Hudson Presented by: M.F. Arey
3 00.70.0072c Bullet Six pieces a-f No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot Found: Port Hudson Presented by: M.F. Arey
4 00.70.0072f Bullet Six pieces a-f No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot Found: Port Hudson Presented by: M.F. Arey
5 00.70.72A Bullet No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot
6 00.70.72B Bullet No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot
7 00.70.72C Bullet No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot
8 00.70.72E Bullet No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot
9 00.70.72F Bullet No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot
10 1971.8.1 Novelty Painted Desert of Arizona in an upside down shotglass. Purple felt on bottom. Sticker on glass says "Painted Desert of Arizona."
11 1972.46.26 Model Representation of buckwheat noodles (soba) with seaweed on a bamboo tray. The tray is made of pieces of bamboo joined together by string. Noodles are heaped on the tray; black seaweed is spread on top of the noodles.
12 1974.37.0035 Fossil Dinosaur bone. Embedded in the original matrix.
13 1978.56.2 Statue Male figure; figure in position of forward motion, legs separated, left arm out-stretched, right arm held back as if to throw something; constructed of bronze metal by the lost-wax process; green patinated finish; replica statue mounted on 3 1/2" long x 1 5/8" wide rectantular bronze metal base.
14 1978.56.3 Statue Female figure. Replica; figure standing in upright position on right leg, left leg lifted, left arm outstretched, right arm extended down, touching left leg as if bathing; constructed of bronze metal by lost-wax process; green patinated finish; replica statue mounted on 1 7/8" diameter x 1/2" high circular metal base.
15 1980.5.13 Political Pin, Political Button Lithograph-type; black and white photograph of Wendell Willkie on grey background. Lower curl stamp, "GREEN DUCK COMPANY, CHICAGO", two union "bugs" on curl; pin back. Color: BK,WH,GY
16 1985.0007 Chart Teaching charts, bound at top with wood dowel. Used in an unknown school in northeast Iowa.
17 1989.43.763 Box, tackle "US Govenment emergency fishing kit instructions." used for military; includes hooks and lines.
18 1990.42.29 Plate, commemorative Blue and lavender colors on its square design. In the center is Edward's likeness. Color: BL,LV
19 1994.30.14 Wallet Double clip bill holder with a black leather flap that winds around the money & makes up the exterior. Two ends have chromed metal hinges which pinch the leather together. Each chrome pinch has a heavy-gauge metal wire bent to form a bust & "Napoleon Empereur". On interior of flap, behind the medallion, stamped in gold is "Pat. R. 134232". On interior at back flap stamped in gold is Lazco. In upper left corner is a price tag from "Sears Roebuck S/A". Stamped in black is price tag "55 D 33/ 115990"/ $5.990" Leather on back flap separating. Clips have money in them. The front has old money & is thicker in proportion to the back clip. The back clip has newer/cleaner money in it. The front portion has: (1) 5crz, (2) 10 crz, (4) 20 crz, (7) 50 crz, (2) 100 crz, (2) 200 crz, (7) 5 crz (new), (3) 10 crz (newer), (3) 20 crz, (4) 50 crz, (2) 100 crz, (2) crz, (1) 500 crz, in that order from center to rear. Money toward the rear is cleaner than the bills toward the center. The rear clip has 912) 1000 crz, (3) 5000 crz. Color: BK,SL
20 1996.29.31 Retort Two parts: a. Long tube with oval-shaped bulb on end. Narrow mouth flared opening at top of bulb. B. Ground glass stopper held with string. Color: CL
21 1997.4.38 Corn Partially shelled ear, with large kernels. Tips of kernesl in one row stained red. Color: YL
22 2016-15-76A Mold None
23 2016-15-76B Mold None
24 2017-2-1 Turf Sample of the original turf from the UNI Dome collected by the donor and her husband. This sample was given to the donor as a promotional giveaway during a football game. 2017-2-1 (Turf) image
25 2017-26-8 Pipe The Luba pipe carved from a calabash is ornamented with two smaller human heads, which are facing up toward a kneeling taller female figure. The extensions to the calabash have been attatched with reeds to the sides and top of the gourd. The two small heads take on the appearance of stoppers, and the kneeling female figure, in the typical style of the Luba, is secured onto the calabash carved out of hardwood and displays, on the stomach and the back, the typical form of the tribal scarification markings; her hands rest on her exposed breasts and her eyes are closed. The maker has ornamented her hair in protruding circular shapes.
26 2017-7-35 Trophy Trophy with wooden base with a smaller wooden base on top.  On the larger base on a plaque is "ASSOCIATION MID-CONTINENT UNIVERSITIES." On the top of the lower base are small male figurines on each corner with both hands up, holding a wreath in one hand.  The smaller wooden base plaque reads "1984 CHAMPIONSHIP." On top is a trophy cup and a male figurine in a wide stride stance. 2017-7-35 (Trophy) image