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Catalog # Name Description
1 Sulfur Sulfur crystals.
2 Calcite Crystals on limestone.
3 Aragonite Acicular radiating groups, and stalactic forms. Color: WH
4 Romanechite Botryoidal, broken balls show banding. Color: BK
5 Goethite Botryoidal iron ore.
6 00.30.0236 Bowl Brown & white with black design. 00.30.0236 (Bowl) image
7 1968.10.0388 Trap, fish Cane across most of mouth.
8 1968.9.35.17270 Marker, boundary Boundary marker 1968.9.35.17270 (Marker, boundary) image
9 1970.9.0092 Press, fruit "Potato masher". Woven tube open at one end with a hand loop at each end. Color: BK,BR,WH 1970.9.0092 (Press, fruit) image
10 1970.9.48 Pot As derived from Albertin Collection inventory documents: "Nasca open vessel. 4.8" diameter at top, 7.7" high. Polychrome ware, external design in white, gray, yellow, black, and red." Alternate description: Open top, beaker. Polychrome ware. External design in white, gray, yellow, black, and red. Color: WH,GY,YL,BK,RD -Weathering evident—appears to have signs salt development, indicates possible utilitarian use as a food/water storage vessel placed in ground. -Bottom of beaker rounded; mostly smooth save for central part of base. -Interior has mix of light brown and dark patches—light patches appear to be dried earth; dark patches possibly from firing method or paint. -Designs repetitive, both geometric forms and bird-like heads; fading due to weathering, salt development. -Around upper quarter of beaker, majority of eyes of "bird heads" are closed, one with eye open—appears black, almost purple in color. 1970.9.48 (Pot) image
11 1971.36.0002 Saddle, pack Saddle. Oval bent to crescent shape. Constructed of longitudinal rows of plant fibers bound together, in 15 1/2" circumference bundle, by plant fibers encircling them. 3" strip of brown and white short-haired animal skin (calf?) running lengthwise of the saddle on the lower inner side of saddle. Single heavy cord runs lengthwise along outside of saddle and 2-8" braided cords 2' apart extend from one inner side to the opposite side. Color: YL,CR,BR
12 1974.37.0045 Tooth Mammoth tooth.
13 1986.16.0001 Fluorite Fluorite crystals are green and cover most of the upper surface of the limestone.
14 1987.3.87.0004 Calcite Vein in gray limestone. Catalog says that 48 out of 54 specimens were deaccessioned in 6/93.
15 1990.21.145 Basket Minature replica of an Ethiopian "messob". Hour-glass shape. Rim of lid tapers up to top. A tassel is attached to the center of the top. A coin is placed inside the top for good luck; creates a rattle when moved. a. Table b. Lid. 1990.21.145 (Basket) image
16 1990.53.0011 Azurite Malachite (green) rosettes on azurite (blue) crystals on limonite matrix Full chemical composition Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2/CuCO3(OH)2
17 1990.53.0250 Pyrrhotite Cut slice showing pyrrhotite (nickel ferous) in peridotite
18 1994.33.0018 Calcite Brown calcite crystals completed on capsulated by layer of quarta. Drusy quartz xtls forming differentially on calcite surfaces w/ pronounced growth occurring on one side of calcite xtls.
19 1995.30.3.0008 Squirrel, ground Study skin and skull. Color: BR,BK
20 1995.36.0004 Calcite Modified scalenohedron. Center zone is clear gold, outer zone opaque and paler gold; crystals on & cementing limestone fragments with small sphalerite crystals. Color: GD
21 2006.15.0009 Dolomite A 235 gram gray rock fragment with light pink colored dolomite crystals containing very small specs of chalcopyrite. Color: GY PK
22 2006.15.0134 Calcite Medium in size piece (section) of calcite crystal formation, colorless with bands of limestone formed ontop of calcite and a layer of limestone (peach) on underside, dull to vitreous luster, 3 on hardness scale, calcium carbonate Color: Colorless
23 2010.17.141 Saddle Saddle for horse, structure made of wood and covered with wool and cloth to provide protection and comfort for animal and rider, wooden sides of saddle are covered with wood in a wicker pattern which is covered with a YL cloth with a floral pattern, this is covered with a burlap material which is covered by the dyed wool, rounded handles/back support are secured with BK wire and rope, RD, WH, and BL diamond and triangular patterns on the wool seat Color: BR RD BL WH BK
24 UNIM1989.8.0002 Block, hat Five layers, top to bottom. Heavy wood. Elliptical in shape. In bottom, two recessed screws hold base to top portion. 7/8" hole for placing on stand. Curved top. Sketch on catalog sheet.