Arctic Exhibit 2

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1 Knife Ice and Snow knife made from ivory. The knife was used for cutting and shaping snow. Along the length of the knife are bird feather like designs on both sides with the handle designated as the head. There is yellow discoloration from use. (Knife) image
2 1989.43.114 Bead Trade; Cornaline d'Aleppo. Red over green; 8 beads on a string.. Color: RD,GR 1989.43.114 (Bead) image
3 1989.43.115 Bead Trade; Cornaline d'Aleppo; melted together. Twelve red over white, three white and two red over green. Color: RD,WH,GR 1989.43.115 (Bead) image
4 1989.43.641 Ulu Ulu is a hand blade traditionally used by indigenous women of the subarctic. It consists of a handle and semicircular blade. The knife was originally used mostly by the women to skin, fillet, sew, and eat.
5 1989.60.14 Fishhook Partial; connecting piece of an ivory fishhook. Cylindrical shape with a hollowed out middle and three crevasses on the sides to hold the sharpened points together. 1989.60.14 (Fishhook) image
6 2006.9.1 Fetish Small figurine of carved ivory. The figurine is of a human female in standing position with arms to the side. The coloration of the figurine varies in areas. 2006.9.1 (Fetish) image
7 2006.9.12 Scraper Wide wedge shaped head of a scraper; the wide end appears to have once been attached to another piece, as it is slightly notched. There are holes near the midsection of the surface. The piece narrows slightly and flattens to a dull pointed edge. These scrapers were used to scrape animal remains from hides of animals. 2006.9.12 (Scraper) image
8 2006.9.15 Scraper A wedge-shaped piece that gradually narrows toward a flattened tip. The piece slightly bows. The underside is polished smooth and is porous. The upperside is slightly convex and polished smooth. A long narrow shallow slit runs length-wise down the middle; several notches run across the tip of the wedge, forming an area of rough slashes.
9 2006.9.17 ivory fragment several long polished faces of this piece. One tip of the piece is narrowed and ends in a nub point. The piece then widens and gradually narrows again towards the other end, where it ends in a boxed shape. One side of the piece appears to have been split and a portion cleaved off. Color: BR 2006.9.17 (ivory fragment) image
10 2006.9.26 ivory fragment a roughly-shaped fragment with three main faces. The piece narrows width-wise into a sharp pointed edge. Each face is fairly smooth. A wide semi-circular potion in the middle of the piece is polished smooth. Color: TN 2006.9.26 (ivory fragment) image
11 2006.9.27 ivory fragment this piece is fashioned in a rough menner; the piece is fairly flat, with the top and undersides smoothed flat. The edges are also smoothed flat. The piece consists of two portions; the back portion is narrow. This piece abruptly broadens, then gradually narrows again to a point. Color: TN and BR 2006.9.27 (ivory fragment) image
12 2006.9.34 ivory fragment conical in shape, this piece is polished smooth. The piece is wide at its base and as it lengthens, the piece narrows to a blunt tip. As it narrows, the piece arcs slightly. A 7/16 in hole has been carved through the center of the piece. The coloration is splotchy and not uniform. The wide base is rough and jagged and appears to have broken off. Color: BR 2006.9.34 (ivory fragment) image
13 2006.9.35 needle long narrow needle; oval hole is on widest end. Tip of needle is slightly bent and dull. Color: TN
14 2006.9.36 needle long, narrow needle; flattened-oval-shaped hole slightly above the needle's midsection. Tip of needle is dull and appears broken off. Color: TN
15 2006.9.37 awl Awl has a long sharp point connected to a slender rounded shaft that tapers and flattens into a box shape with defined edges. The end of the shaft appears slightly broken off or chipped. There are no visible decorations. 2006.9.37 (awl) image
16 2006.9.38 spear, fish the tip of this spear point is broken and now the tip is jagged. The piece is long, slender, and beings as a flattenedd cylinder at the base; this shape gradually flattens itself near the tip, forming distinct sides. A sharpened hook juts from the tip towards the base. The base of the point abruptly narrows to a very sharp point, used to attach the piece to a spear. Color: TN
17 2006.9.5 Bola, Weight The bola weight is roughly shaped like a kernel of corn with flat sides and a rounded bottom. At the top a circular hole has been drilled and a piece of the top edge is broken off. The coloration varies in brightness, wherein one side is noticeably lighter in color than another. There are visible wear and tear marks, indicating use. The weight is often with other weights of the same shape and tied together to create a bola, or a throwing weapon. 2006.9.5 (Bola, Weight) image