Clay County

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1 2016-29-1 Register Daily register used for school vistors, student attendance, student grades, lesson plans, and class sizes.  2016-29-1 (Register) image
2 2016-29-10 Chart Individual profile grading chart for a student. Includes reading, arithmetic, english, and spelling.  2016-29-10 (Chart) image
3 2016-29-11 Program Daily schedule for the school with times marked off for certain subjects. 2016-29-11 (Program) image
4 2016-29-12 Program Weekly schedule of school days with times blocked off for certain subjects.  2016-29-12 (Program) image
5 2016-29-13 Program Weekly program for the classroom. School days are broken into subject blocks.  2016-29-13 (Program) image
6 2016-29-14 Note State aid money balance note. It is an Accounting of State Aid Balance after some classroom purchases were made.  2016-29-14 (Note) image
7 2016-29-2 Photograph Image of a man, Frank Rouse, standing in front of a cornfield and next to a sign that say, "Site of Freeman #1 Lakeside School ca. 1886-1919."  Clay County. 2016-29-2 (Photograph) image
8 2016-29-3 Photograph Image of a white schoolhouse, Waterford #5--Sunny Brook School. Christmas lights are around the school. Concrete steps lead up to the school and a rail stands in the middle. A bell sits on top of the roof.  Clay County. 2016-29-3 (Photograph) image
9 2016-29-4 Photograph Side view of a white schoolhouse--Royal Residence. Concrete stairs lead up to the door. A sidewalk is to the right of the school, in the forefront of the picture. Clay County. 2016-29-4 (Photograph) image
10 2016-29-5 Photograph Image of a white one-room schoolhouse. A concrete pathway leads to the front door. An antenna sits on the roof. Portions of an above ground pool is seen to the right. School is Peterson #2--Center School Residence. Clay County. 2016-29-5 (Photograph) image
11 2016-29-6 Photograph Image of a white one-room schoolhouse--Riverton#8 Royal. Concrete steps are to the left and lead to the front door. Railing follows the concrete. A tree and shrubs are in the front. A blue water tower is to the left. Clay County. 2016-29-6 (Photograph) image
12 2016-29-7 Photograph Image of two men, Allan Hansen and Dennis Holck, digging next to a post that says, "Site of Clay #5 Center School ca. 1886-1939." They stand in front of a cornfield.  Clay County. 2016-29-7 (Photograph) image
13 2016-29-8 Photograph Image of a sign that says, "Site of Riverton #5 Cloverdale School ca. 1887-1962." A tree stands to the left and a brown, brick building is in the background. Clay County. 2016-29-8 (Photograph) image
14 2016-29-9 Chart Grading chart for a student. Includes reading, arithmetic, and english. Grades are charted with various colors and are hand drawn.  2016-29-9 (Chart) image