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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED2021-11 Doily An off-white crochet doily from Bosnia. Circular designs joined to create a diamond shape.  ED2021-11 (Doily) image
2 ED2021-116 Book A book from Bosnia which includes 12 oral, epic poems and a brief background on the oral literature of the Bosniak ethnic group. Written in Bosnian. The title is  "Od Đerzelez Alije do Tala Ličanina, izbor iz usmene epike Bošnjaka" which translates to "From Đerzelez Allije to Tala Ličanina, a selection from the oral history of Bosniaks." The author is Denana Buturović and this edition was published in 1997. ED2021-116 (Book) image
3 ED2021-12 Doily A Bosnian off-white crochet doily. Circular design with picot edge.  ED2021-12 (Doily) image
4 ED2021-146 Slippers A pair of red and brown Bosnian slippers called priglavci.  ED2021-146 (Slippers) image
5 ED2021-187 Activity Book An activity book titled "Prva Početnica." It's intended for preschool-aged children in Bosnia to learn about basic concepts such as the Bosnian alphabet. Includes coloring pages to practice letters, examples of words that begin with each letter, and an illustration to demonstrate the example words. Written by Šefkija Merzić and illustrated by Dževdet Nikočević in Svjetlost, Sarajevo.
6 ED2021-40 Set, Demitasse A Balkan (Bosnian) demitasse set with 6 plates (A-F) and 6 cups (G-L). White with a blue and gray meander pattern border. ED2021-40 (Set, Demitasse) image
7 ED2021-50 Coffee Pot A Turkish coffee pot (other names: ibrik, coffee ibrik, cezve) with a silver cup base and a redish-brown handle.  ED2021-50 (Coffee Pot) image
8 ED2021-6 Booklet Booklet containing photos of KOLO, a Bosnian folk dancing group from Waterloo, Iowa.  ED2021-6 (Booklet) image
9 ED2021-62 Coffee Pot An old, metal, Turkish coffee pot. It has a circular base, a triangular spout, a curved handle, and a lid attached with a hinge. The lid contains an oval pattern around the base and is topped off with a pointed decoration. The pot may have had more of a design on the body at one point but has faded away over time. ED2021-62 (Coffee Pot) image
10 ED2021-7 Coffee Pot Small brass coffee pot with weighted lid. Engraged with diamond and oval designs around the body of the pot.  ED2021-7 (Coffee Pot) image