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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED1999.1.36 Sherd, Pottery Reproduction sherd with mica flakes and rope impression.  ED1999.1.36 (Sherd, Pottery) image
2 ED2019-136 Figurine 4 miniature models (A-D) of the terracotta soldier statues that were buried with Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, upon his death. ED2019-136 (Figurine) image
3 ED2019-137 Service, Tea Japanese tea set, including tea pot, sake flask, and four cups.  ED2019-137 (Service, Tea) image
4 ED2021-123 Teacup A teacup from Japan, often called a yunomi. These cups do not have a handle like European teacups. This particular yunomi is dark orange with images of cranes decorating the side. The bottom of the cup has a couple of Japanese characters and the word "JAPAN" written in black. It is made of a ceramic material. ED2021-123 (Teacup) image
5 ED2021-124 Teacup A teacup from Japan, often called a yunomi. This cup has no handle unlike European teacups. Blue and white images of wildlife and other objects cover the side of the cup. The Japanese characters on the side of the cup translate to "Kirishima" which suggests that this cup is a tourist piece from the Japanese city of Kirishima. ED2021-124 (Teacup) image
6 ED2021-40 Set, Demitasse A Balkan (Bosnian) demitasse set with 6 plates (A-F) and 6 cups (G-L). White with a blue and gray meander pattern border. ED2021-40 (Set, Demitasse) image
7 ED2021-63 Pottery A white piece of pottery with brown, orange, yellow, and black painted, indigenous designs. Most likely a piece of art sold to tourists somewhere in the southwest United States. "1976 - LeAnna Jones" is written on the bottom of the pot in pencil. ED2021-63 (Pottery) image
8 ED2021-75 Bowl A small, gray bowl made in Japan. There's a meander pattern around the bowl and the opening is 12 cm across. The bowl rests on top of 3 litte legs attached to its bottom. ED2021-75 (Bowl) image
9 ED2021-79 Sherd, Pottery Three, small pieces of pottery sherd (A-C).  All three are a red-brown color. ED2021-79 (Sherd, Pottery) image