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1 ED2019-169 Sweater A school uniform sweater of the Scoil Oilibhéir primary school in Cork, Ireland. The patch on the left shoulder reads "Deo Gratias - Scoil Oilibhéir." It's a size 28 and made by the Deer Park Ireland brand. ED2019-169 (Sweater) image
2 ED2019-170 Drum, Bodhrán A bodhrán drum which originates from Ireland. ED2019-170 (Drum, Bodhrán) image
3 ED2019-171 Stick, Hurley Wooden stick used in the Irish sport of hurling.  ED2019-171 (Stick, Hurley) image
4 ED2019-172 Ball, Hurley A ball used for the sport of hurling ED2019-172 (Ball, Hurley) image
5 ED2019-173 Shoe Irish ghillies. A and B. Ghillies are soft shoes worn by women in Irish dance. Size 2 and made by the Irish "Inishfree" brand. ED2019-173 (Shoe) image
6 ED2019-174 Whistle, Penny Also called a tin whistle or a flageolet. Six holed woodwind instrument. Most closely associated with traditional Irish and Australian music.  ED2019-174 (Whistle, Penny) image
7 ED2021-184 Jersey A Corcaigh (Cork County) hurling jersey from Ireland. The front contains the words "O'Neills" and "O2" and images of the Corcaigh logo and the GAA (Gaelic Athletic League) logo. The back says "Corcaigh" across the upper back. It is a child's size 9-10 and is red, navy blue, and white colored. It cost €37.00 and was purchased from O'Neills.
8 ED2021-185 Wool A roll of cream-colored Aran wool from Ireland, from the Tivoli brand. Aran wool famously is used to make Aran wool sweaters which originate from Ireland.