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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED1997.2.9 Mask Wooden mask. Face with frog in the center of the forehead. In the inside written "purchased in village near Guatamala City 1948". ED1997.2.9 (Mask) image
2 ED2019-116 Mask A black mask with bronze (gold) triangles around the border and white cowrie shells decorating the interior. There's a face carbed in the middle of the wood, with bronze accents on the eyelids and nose. The design resembles that of masks created by tribes in central Africa near the Congo River Basin. ED2019-116 (Mask) image
3 ED2021-66 Mask, Boar A dark brown, wooden boar mask with white, gold, and red accent colors. This mask is most likely from Africa where various different groups of people use wooden, animal masks during their traditional rituals and ceremonies. ED2021-66 (Mask, Boar) image