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1 ED1999.6.1 Bag Small bag (9 x 10cm) embroidered with stylized animals on the front, a geometric design on the back. Cream canvas with a red drawstring. Includes a pamphlet on the Reserva Ecologica Huitepec (Huitepec Ecological Reserve), which is located in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico. The pamphlet and bag are made by Pronatura, which is the largest Mexican environmental conservation group.  The text in the pamphlet relates the etiological myth from the Popol Vuh that explains why rabbits have long ears. The hero twins tried turning the forest of Huitepec into cornfields, and the animals interferred. The rabbit was punished by being pulled by the ears, making them longer.  "Los Mayas han tenido siempre un gran respeto por la naturaleza uno de sus cuentos, que fue escrito en el antiguo libro, El Popol Vuh, y que hoy mismo se sigue  relatando, dice como los heroes trataron de hacer milpa en el bosque y sus hermanos, los animales lo impidieron. Segun Manuel Arias de Chenalho; “Distintos animales llegaron a recitar: yokan te, yokan’ak’ yokan emol, yokan’amal (levantense arboles, bejucos montanas y selvas). Y se levanta la montana. Y dijo el Kox al conejo menor, estas jodiendo mi trabajo” y lo agarro por las orejas haciéndoselas mas largas Si, dijo el conejo porque no es tu lugar aqui.  La gente debe trabajar y hacer su milpa pero algunos lugares se deben dejar en paz. Diseno tradicional de Chenalho de conejo que hablo con el Kox. Porque el Kox jalo sus orejas, hoy los conejos las tienen largas." ED1999.6.1 (Bag) image
2 ED2019-76 Card, Prayer Saint Anthony prayer card. The reverse of this card contains a prayer to Saint Anthony in Spanish.  ED2019-76 (Card, Prayer) image
3 ED2019-77 Card, Prayer Novena de Confianza a la Virgen Milagrosa. Prayer card containing a prayer to the Virgin Mary in spanish.  ED2019-77 (Card, Prayer) image
4 ED2019-78 Card, Prayer Oracion a San Judas. Prayer card containing a prayer to Saint Jude in spanish.  ED2019-78 (Card, Prayer) image
5 ED2019-80 Book The Gift of Corn - Latin American (Mexican) codex style coloring book with activities in both Spanish and English. ED2019-80 (Book) image
6 ED2019-83 Candle Our Lady of Guadalupe. Votive candle lit for prayer intentions.  ED2019-83 (Candle) image
7 ED2020-4 Socks, Tabi A set of 2 white tabi socks detached from the packaging (A,B) and the packaging with 2 more socks still attached (C). The packaging contains Japanese writing as well as the sizing stickers on the socks. "For women, size 22-24cm." ED2020-4 (Socks, Tabi) image
8 ED2021-116 Book A book from Bosnia which includes 12 oral, epic poems and a brief background on the oral literature of the Bosniak ethnic group. Written in Bosnian. The title is  "Od Đerzelez Alije do Tala Ličanina, izbor iz usmene epike Bošnjaka" which translates to "From Đerzelez Allije to Tala Ličanina, a selection from the oral history of Bosniaks." The author is Denana Buturović and this edition was published in 1997. ED2021-116 (Book) image
9 ED2021-125 Handkerchief A translucent, tourist handkerchief from Norway. Along the border of the piece are 12 boxes, each labeled with a different month and an image representing a different Norwegian city. In the middle of the piece is the word "NORGE" in red lettering with the words "Norway - Norwegen - Norvège - Noruega" surrounding it. ED2021-125 (Handkerchief) image
10 ED2021-14 Bookmark Front: Gray silk embroidered with purple flowers. Back: off-white cotton with Chinese characters printed in black. Note with object states: "Made in Nanking, China, 1922". ED2021-14 (Bookmark) image
11 ED2021-177 Flag, Tibetan Prayer Tibetan prayer flags. Tibetan prayer flags are colorful, rectangular clothes strung together. They are typically hung outdoors and used to bless their surroundings. ED2021-177 (Flag, Tibetan Prayer) image
12 ED2021-181 Booklet, Prayer Oracion a la Virgen de Guadalupe. Booklet containing a prayer to the Virgin Guadalupe in spanish.  ED2021-181 (Booklet, Prayer) image
13 ED2021-186 Activity Book The Autumn/1991 edition of a children's activity book from Japan Airlines (JAL). The airplane was a Boeing 767-200. Page activities include:  Information about Japanese animals and nature, a Hello Kitty comic, matching games, a mini origami tutorial, "what's wrong with the picture" game, information about airplanes and pilots, information about airline hosts and their roles, the Tom Thumb fairy tale written in Japanese, a mini-English lesson for Japanese speakers, haikus, and a Sanyo CD player AD. It is read right-to-left and up-and-down.
14 ED2021-187 Activity Book An activity book titled "Prva Početnica." It's intended for preschool-aged children in Bosnia to learn about basic concepts such as the Bosnian alphabet. Includes coloring pages to practice letters, examples of words that begin with each letter, and an illustration to demonstrate the example words. Written by Šefkija Merzić and illustrated by Dževdet Nikočević in Svjetlost, Sarajevo.
15 ED2021-188 Loteria A Loteria set, a card game of chance similar to bingo and popular in Mexico. This set includes: 1 bag of beans (A), 2 decks of cards (B), and 1 set of 54 bingo cards (C). Instructions included.
16 ED2021-189 Book "The Japan that can Say NO" by Shintaro Ishihara, a Japanese politician (leader of the right-wing Japan Restoration Party) and former Governor of Tokyo (1999-2012). At the time of the writing, he was the Minister of Transport. This 1990 edition includes Ishihara and his colleagues' views on Japanese-United States relations. In summary, they critiqued practices of the US and called for Japan to act more independently. Many English-translated versions in the US omit or edit the essays of the original Japanese version.
17 ED2021-81 Book, Hymnal A hymnal book written in German for German-speaking immigrants in the United States who practiced Christianity (most likely the Lutheran denomination) and formed their own congregations. It was printed in 1894 in Cleveland, Ohio and the title reads "Gebet und Danklieder" which means "Prayer and Thanksgiving Songs." There is no image on the cover, just the title and a victorian-style border across the top and the bottom. ED2021-81 (Book, Hymnal) image
18 ED2021-82 Book, Prayer A small prayer book for children who spoke German and practiced Christianity (most likely the Lutheran denomination). It was printed in 1909 in Columbus, Ohio and likely for German immigrants who created their own German-speaking congregations. The title reads, "Gebete für die Kleinen" which translates in English to "Prayers for the Little Ones." On the front cover is an image of Jesus Christ with three children surrounding him. ED2021-82 (Book, Prayer) image
19 ED2021-84 Dictionary A German-English dictionary titled "Langenscheidt's Pocket-Dictionary of the English and German Languages." This edition is from 1944 and has a plain, blue cover with no markings. ED2021-84 (Dictionary) image
20 ED2021-85 Cookbook A cookbook written in Arabic, which is read from right to left. The titled is translated to "The Art of Cooking" in English and is written by multiple authors. It was published in Beirut, Lebanon, sometime between 1980 and 1990, by Dar Al-Hayat Library. ED2021-85 (Cookbook) image