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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.7.47 Kit, teaching The manufacture of cotton. "Exhibit box No. 6". Black box holding cotton and other items used in the manufacture of cotton.
2 00.7.72 Kit, teaching Exhibit box 26. The manufacture of paper. Color: BR,BK,CL 00.7.72 (Kit, teaching) image
3 1971.5.2 Leaflet " An Indian Prayer" Yellow with orange design and black print. Color: YL,OR,BK 1971.5.2 (Leaflet) image
4 1972.2.3.12 Stereograph "Schoolhouse. Sac and Fox Agency I. T." Shows children seated and standing on the grass in front of a one-room brick schoolhouse. Color: BK,WH 1972.2.3.12 (Stereograph) image
5 1973.43.173 Book, ration "War ration book 3; # 890834." Color: BK,WH 1973.43.173 (Book, ration) image
6 1973.44.4 Map World War I map of the Scientific American Supplement to the War Number of the Scientific American, September 5, 1914. Map focuses on the continent of Europe and shows the countries of the Dual Alliance in pink while the countries of the Allies are in green. Neutral countries are in yellow. Color: GR,PK,YL,BL 1973.44.4 (Map) image
7 1976.77.1 Poster, political "Re-elect Congressman Grassley". Has picture of Grassley with words in red letters on blue background. Color: RD,BL
8 1978.34.3 Map Issued by Air France Airlines; colored paper; June 5, 1978; Western Hemisphere on one side, Eastern hemisphere on other side; course plotted on map, Paris to Lima; map marked at upper corners, "AF (Air France Flight) 217 crew, Mr. Hollinger, Mr. Jean, Mr. Margerie". Color: ML
9 1979.63.9 Map Physiographic Diagram of Europe by A. K. Lobeck, University of Wisconsin, Wisconisn Geographical Press, Madison, Wisconsin, 1923. Concerns geographic qualities of European continent, including a descriptive text of various areas and large line drawn map. Color: BK,WH
10 1980.20.78 Poster "IOWA WANTS MCGOVERN". Color: BL,WH
11 1986.8.2 Map Shows N. F. O. marketing areas. Color: WH,BK
12 1987.25.5 Necklace Trade bead; clam shell disc. 1987.25.5 (Necklace) image
13 1988.24.3 Pouch Beadwork in blue, green, white, yellow, red and black on one side only. Color: ML 1988.24.3 (Pouch) image
14 1989.43.688 Poster Declaration of Independence.
15 1994.32.60 Map Daily Weather Map published by the U. S. Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau. Several maps on one side. Other side gives symbols used. Symbols for wind speed have been circled in red crayon and marked "not at all like text, page 133."
16 1995.18.9.2 Puppet Female figure, 3 parts. a. Head, carved & painted wood. b. Carved wooden rod which tapers for insertion under costume through neck and into hole in bottom of head. c. Body of carved wooden female body with strapless batik dress and 2-part jointed arms with rod attached to each hand for manipulation of puppet. Hand-drawn batik fabric. 1995.18.9.2 (Puppet) image
17 2004.8.1 Puppet, Rod Made of water buffalo hide. Ten male heads. Knee joints and arm joints move. Puppets outfit black with pink and white detail trim. Puppet's name, "Ravana", is attached at the top of the heads. Puppet made so that light can shine through the hide. Perforated design on puppet's body. Rod runs through the middle of the body. 2004.8.1 (Puppet, Rod) image
18 2018-25-1 Ephemera Warner's Crunchtime cereal box from the early 2000's 
19 UNIM1986.14.1985.1.147 Plate Two parts. a. and b. Color: BK,GD