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1 Clipping "Remember the Days Before". Color: BK,WH German propaganda leaflets fired at American troops in a Normandy hedgerow during the June 1944 invasion of France. Picked up near Saint Vith by Lieutenant Bovee. (Clipping) image
2 Book World War II Pocket book novel taken from a German captured in a bombed railway station in Briquebec, Normandy, France, July 1944. (Book) image
3 1965.2.7 Reward of merit "This Mark of Commendation is awarded by the Navy Department to Iowa State Teachers College for effective co-operation with the U. S. Navy in the training of members of the Women's Reserve. December, 1942. April, 1945. (signed) James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy.". ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1965.2.7 (Reward of merit) image
4 1967.24.0005 Handbill Propaganda sheet and translation of some RVN and Free World Military Assistance and Viet Cong propaganda. a. and b. 1967.24.0005 (Handbill) image
5 1969.33.6 Medal Medal with two ribbons, from the Asiatic Pacific Campaign. Ribbon is yellow with (left to right) white, red, white; blue, white, red; white red, white stripes. a. The medal. On the front a palm tree, 3 ships , 3 planes, soldiers unloading from pontoon, 2 soldiers are plainly visible in foreground. Across the top these words, "Asiatic Pacific Campaign". On the back, an eagle, the dates 1941-1945 and the words, "United States of America." b. Bar with two small stars. c. Bar. Issued between December 07, 1941 and March 02, 1946 for military service in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater. Stars on ribbon denote combat in official campaigns of the Pacific Theater. 1969.33.6 (Medal) image
6 1984.6.128 Booklet "The War Saver" Bulletin, v. 1 #6. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.128 (Booklet) image
7 1986.15.65 Passport Dated December 26, 1944 in Kunming, China. Appointed to Justine E. Granner. Stamped by an American Consulate in Hankow, China as renewed on May 1, 1947. Stamped by British Consulate in Kunming, China on Dec. 27, 1944. Stamped in Chinese with the date Dec. 30, 1944. Stamped by immigrant inspector in San Pedro California on March 1 1945. Square stamp in red with Chinese writing underneath. Stamp reading "This passport is not valid for travel to or through Germany and Austria." Stamped by department of state Washington to be renewed as of April 2, 1946 until the next year. 1986.15.65 (Passport) image
8 1990.37.4 Print, photographic Army and Navy personnel being served dinner in the ISTC cafeteria. Dec. 25, 1943. Reverse side contains notations pertaining to the day and addressed to "Mother". Color: BK,WH 1990.37.4 (Print, photographic) image
9 1993.24.0232 Map World News of the Week "covering period Sept. 25 to Oct. 1". Year not given, but copyrighted 1942. Marks with numbers 1-26 the sites of the world news. Below map portion is text explaining action at numbered locations. Includes a chart on "How a War Dollar Is Spent." Color: ML
10 1994.10.11 Pin Two parts. a. Cursive V-shaped, red and white. b. The paper says "WEAR A" along the top and "FOR VICTORY" along the bottom. Three diagonal stripes, one each red, white, blue. Red, white and blue color scheme. 1994.10.11 (Pin) image
11 1994.32.167 Booklet "1843 Fifty Years 1943. Historical Record of Cedar Falls. The Garden City of Iowa Containing A Brief History of Iowa, of Black Hawk County, and a Full and Complete Description of Industrial and Picturewque Cedar Falls." Published by Peter Melendy, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1893. Illus. and with photos. 171 pp. Color: BK,WH 1994.32.167 (Booklet) image
12 2004.15.2 Handbook, student Cover page reads "Iowa State Teachers, Defenders of Democracy" on the top. On the bottom is printed "1941 Student handbook 1942" whole cover has a patriotic print of red, white and blue stripes with stars. 107 pp. Coeditors are Lois Chaplin and Roland Wick. Photographs by Don Galbreath. Color: WH,BL,RD,BK 2004.15.2 (Handbook, student) image
13 2016-27-51 Newspaper Current Events from the National School Newspaper Volume XLV, No. 4, week of October 1-5, 1945. Front page story titled, "What Shall We Do With The Atomic Bomb." Van Buren County. 2016-27-51 (Newspaper) image
14 2016-32-2 Dish Example of an occupied Japan stamped silver dish. The dish has the mark " Made in Occupied Japan" During the years after WWII, Japanese manufactures were banned from exporting although American authorities occupying controlled territories permitted the sale of items "Made in Occupied Japan" that were regulated through the years 1946 and 1947.  After the regulation was lifted, much of the same tooling was used so the marking continued until about 1955.  It took months before Japan could re-tool the manufacturing process from war to peacetime. The Japanese had to conform to a strict U.S. Government identification process for exporting all manufactured goods. 2016-32-2 (Dish) image
15 2017-10-7 Pin Triangular National Socialist Women's League Pin, point facing down. Outsines all in gold (color not material). At top is a white band with Nat. Soz. Franenschaft. Below that is a white cross over black at center of the cross is a red swastika. On left branch of cross is a gold fancy lettered G, on right a H(possibly another letter), and at bottom of cross an L. Fastener is at top on back, slightly below in the middle is Ges. Gesch. Damage on front top right corner, scratches and paint chipped. 2017-10-7 (Pin) image
16 2019-FIC-21 Watch Soviet mechanical Molnija watch made in the 1970s to honor those who died during World War II. This watch reads "The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" and has the hammer and sickle on the front.  2019-FIC-21 (Watch) image