Homecoming 2018

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1 00.39.2 Saucer Bears words "State Normal School". ISNS.
2 1973.33.12 Print, photographic Women's basketball team, Ossoli, 1911. Placed on a black cardboard. 1973.33.12 (Print, photographic) image
3 1976.45.3 Spoon, demitasse Silver-plated, ISTC, from about 1956. Reproduction of Campanile on bowl of spoon with ISTC insignia on handle. Engraved on back of handle is manufacturer's insignia: E. P. N. S. 40-0.S.V.A/S Norway." Color: SL
4 1976.48.2 Print, photographic "Iowa State Normal School Faculty, 1902". Taken by Veatch (Wm. L. ) Cedar Falls, Iowa, January 30, 1902. ISNS.
5 1976.73.13 Pennant Pennants have been in use since 1895 as a way to support the school. They are typically made of felt, are in the schools colors, and are wider on one end then narrow to a point. Many have one main color with accent colors used for lettering and design. Sometimes they have ribbons on the wider end and a stripe on the edge. In addition to supporting the school they could sometimes be used to support a fraternity or a sorority. At wide end the colors are purple with gold letters ISTC (all superimposed). Colors on thinner two-thirds of pennant are gold with purple "Iowa Teachers." Trailing ribbons at wide end are gold. Color: PR,GD 1976.73.13 (Pennant) image
6 1977.13.1 Ring ISTC graduation ring, 10K gold. On the face of the ring is an engraving of a big letter "T" with smaller letters "B" and "A", for Bachelor's degree, arranged on the saft of the "T" and "1925" on the base of the "T". On the inside of the ring are the initials "L. A. W." and "10K".
7 1979.21.7 Tumbler Cylindrical shaped clear glass; exterior painted with promotional newspaper headline (black lettering), "The Daily Tribune, O. P. Predicts Panthers to win '77' NCC Football Championship" Color: CL
8 1980.6.3 Mug, commemorative Coffee mug style; heavy white ceramic; loop handle; UNI logo on side; base engraved, "VICTOR". Color: WH
9 1987.7.25 Pin UNI. "Purple Fever - Temperature's risin'!" White with black panther with thermometer in mouth. Color: WH,BK,PR 1987.7.25 (Pin) image
10 1987.7.27 Pin, homecoming "Cruisin' with the Cat - UNI Homecoming 1986". Black panther in purple convertible with yellow fuzzy dice hanging from rearview mirror. Color: BK,WH 1987.7.27 (Pin, homecoming) image
11 1988.35.33 Print, photographic Baseball, Iowa Conference Champions, ISTC. 1988.35.33 (Print, photographic) image
12 1988.35.44 Print, photographic Football, Conference Champions, ISTC, 1927. 1988.35.44 (Print, photographic) image
13 1993.28.35 Print, photographic ISNS. Englemann, 1905 - clearing 5 ft. 8 in. Color: BK,WH 1993.28.35 (Print, photographic) image
14 1997.17.3 Megaphone Pebbled red cardboard, with chrome rim at small end. marked inside at bottom "USNR-W". One piece, riveted together. Color: RD,SL
15 1997.17.6 Volleyball Brown leather, laced with shoestring. Marked in paint "7B" and "214-A". Color: BR
16 1998.11.2 Pin, homecoming Square with white background. In center of pin is a purple panther seated on a yellow tube. The panther is holding a white flag with "UNI" written in purple on it. Under the tube are waves to look like water. Under the water written in various colors is "Beach Party". On a purple background written in yellow is "UNI Homecoming '95". The back of the pin is black cardboard with a horizontal metal fastener. 1998.11.2 (Pin, homecoming) image
17 1998.5.9 Pin, homecoming Rectangular. Top half has a purple background with yellow stars and a white cloud. There is a purple outline of the campus skyline and the three purple flags that have written in yellow "University" "of Nothing" "impossible". In the very centrer is a yellow goal post. Below the goal post the background is green and has written in yellow "Field of Dreams" written in white. Below that is "Northern Iowa Homecoming 1990". The back of the pin is made of white cardboard with a metal horizontal fastener. Color: GR,YL,PR,WH 1998.5.9 (Pin, homecoming) image
18 2003.8.3 Booklet "Once upon a Time". Details the history of Lang Hall at UNI, with photos. Color: BR,WH,GR,OR,BL 2003.8.3 (Booklet) image
19 2004.17.145 Program For UNI 1979 Homecoming weekend. Title "Fall into Fantasy." Also celebrating the 100th birthday of the UNI Alumni association. Inside on back, donor has written "Founded in 1876, 1 bldg - 40 acres - 27 students, Centennial 1976 45 bldg - 723 acres - 9700 students." Color: YL,PR 2004.17.145 (Program) image
20 2004.17.224 Magazine Inside pages 9-14 of a magazine talking specifically about the then new UNI-Dome. 2004.17.224 (Magazine) image
21 2004.6.5 Knife, Paper "Iowa State Teachers College." Picture of campus buildings engraved on handle. Marked "Bronze." Color: BR
22 2005.14.3 Block, printing Wooden back with metal stamp face. Stamp appears to have been used in a pamphlet or article about football penalties. Back of stamp has logo "Holst Printing Co./P rinting that Satisfies/ Phone 210/Cedar Falls, IA/ Office Supplies." Color: TN,BZ
23 2006.8.2 Booklet Schedule of Homecoming events. Three fold out sections. Standing cat on front standing wearing a shirt w/an "I" on it. Holding a pennant w/ TC on it. Purple letters say "United For Victory-1957- Homecoming Iowa State Teachers College". Cat also on inside in cap and gown, and wearing a jacket with a single finger raised. Color: WH, PR, GD 2006.8.2 (Booklet) image
24 2006.8.3 Booklet, Instruction Cover has b/w photo of a man/woman couple walking b/t 2 brick columns. Trees, building, and 2 men and 1 woman in background. Red letters "You At TC". Inside there is info on campus life. Back cover has b/w photos of buildings on campus. Color: BL, WH, RD 2006.8.3 (Booklet, Instruction) image
25 2007.8.2 Offset Plate Offset plate used for printing Old Gold yearbook. East Gymnasium shown. Surface wear and scratches. Old Gold stampped on back, paper with "First Quarter" glued to back. 301 stampped on side, OG 20 stamped into wood on one side. Color: BK, BR, GY
26 2017-21-71 Book Iowa State Teachers College Student Handbook (1933-1934) Once owned by Edith MItchell who lived in 131A Bartlett Hall 2017-21-71 (Book) image
27 2017-7-47 Basketball Basketball with purple and gold panels. UNI logo is printed on it and the otherside has the purple outline of a basketball with "Northern Iowa Women's Basketball" printed on the otherside. Basketball made by Sterling. 2017-7-47 (Basketball) image
28 2018-11-14 Trophy "Cedar Valley Character Counts" award awarded to T.C., 2013.
29 2018-12-34 Pin, Homecoming None 2018-12-34 (Pin, Homecoming) image
30 2018-12-59 Pin, Homecoming Squared button, with a purple background. The words "Campaniling Homecoming" are written in a form of lips. Under the words is written "University of Northern Iowa". On upper right of the lips the date "2013" is written. 2018-12-59 (Pin, Homecoming) image
31 2018-12-79 Pin, Homecoming None
32 2018-12-86 Pin, Homecoming None 2018-12-86 (Pin, Homecoming) image
33 2018-16-11 Paper Pad None
34 2018-16-13 Promotion Panther Tracks Ice Cream made by Anderson Erickson. This was a premium vanilla ice cream mixed with peanut butter filled fruffles and a fudge swirl. Round carton with TC, a football player, and UNI Cheerleaders on the front. 
35 2018-16-21 Jar None
36 2018-16-9 Bracelet None
37 2018-5-8 Photograph Black and white photograph of a Northern University High School Student football team on field. 2018-5-8 (Photograph) image
38 UNIM1986.14.1981.7.3 Uniform ISTC band uniform. Jacket semi-fitted with darting and shaping of seams. Narrow shawl collar; breast pocket and 2 flaps at front hip level. 2-piece tailored sleeve. Epaulets and brass buttons, 2 at center front and small ones on epaulets. Machine-worked buttonholes. Black twill lining and inside left pocket. Slacks have zipper waist adjustment; fly front with zipper. Slack hook and eye; 6 belt loops. Sketch on catalog sheet.