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Catalog # Name Description
1 Newspaper ''Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye'', June 13, 1855. Color: BK,WH
2 00.31.38 Letter Discusses shingle, #00.31.039. Color: BK,WH 00.31.38 (Letter) image
3 Lantern Tallow Lantern with nine-inch chain on top. Pierced. Tallow candle is still on the inside. Light would shine n patterns from the cut metal. (Lantern) image
4 Eyeglasses Eyeglasses and case. A. Eyeglasses are oval. The frames are metal. The ends are shaped like a needle eye. (Eyeglasses) image
5 Iron Dual curling iron end rods; pin hinged iron handles; twisted handle loops; hand forged, very primitive, probably dating from early 19th century.
6 Knife Dual bladed pocket knife; slab sided lead handles; nickel endcaps; brass liner; large steel blades, maker's name at base of larger blade (illegible); knife has seen considerable use, slightly rusted and badly pitted.
7 Pouch Beaded watch pouch with leather interior. Handstitched, victorian style beadwork along the front. White beaded background with blue and red floral beading. Framed with red cotton fabric while the backside of the pouch is stitched with black velvet. (Pouch) image
8 1965.2.2 Flag American 48-2tar flag with gold fringe on 3 sides. Silk, single thickness with embroidered white stars. Mounted on a 2-piece 9' wooden pole joined 4' fromt bottom by a 6" brass band. 104" gold cord with 7" tassel at each end. Center of cord hanging from top of wooden pole just below metal ornamental gold eagle with spread wings. SCI. Color: RD,WH,BL,GD
9 1966.6.5 Speech Reproduction of Monroe Doctrine. Color: TN,BK
10 1966.7 Map Historical and Military Map of the border and Southern States. 18 Beekman St., New York, 1863. Folder includes 35-page booklet describing 100 battles of the Civil War.
11 1969.36 Catalog Household merchandise and clothing.
12 1970.29 Flag Forty-five-star.
13 1970.52 Map 1930 census. "Hammond's County Map of Iowa, Copyright by C. S. Hammond & Co., N. Y."
14 1972.43 Map From 1940 census; DX gas station map. Color: WH,BL,RD 1972.43 (Map) image
15 1973.59.3 Map North America. Key in left hand corner showing population of cities, railroads, steamship routes. Color: ML
16 1974.24.3 Drawing Father Marquette. Page 7 of "A Cartoon History of Iowa". Artist: Herb Hake 1974.24.3 (Drawing) image
17 1974.24.4 Drawing Lewis and Clark. P. 19 of "A Cartoon History of Iowa'. Artist: Herb Hake 1974.24.4 (Drawing) image
18 1974.24.7 Drawing Ansel Briggs. Page 59 of "A Cartoon History of Iowa". Artist: Herb Hake 1974.24.7 (Drawing) image
19 1975.26.1 Map 1851 Township map of Iowa; reproduction. Color: BK,WH 1975.26.1 (Map) image
20 1979.57A Box "Tom Sawyer" Box and crayons. Box is red and says, "Tom Sawyer Crayon Hexagon Giant Crayons." There is an image of Tom Sawyer in the upper right corner of box. Contains crayons B-I (b. Brown. c. Black. d. Orange. e. Green. f. Blue. g. Purple. h. Red. i. Yellow)
21 1980.47.2 Lantern, railroad Wire frame body with large wire loop handle, and hinged ventilated top; top of lantern embossed, 'THE ADMAS & WESTLAKE CO. NEW YORK, CHICAGO, PHILA., "ADLAKE", "RELIABLE", rim of top stamped with various patent dates, last being, "APR 1, 1913"; balck painted finish; kerosene tank, burner & wick in bottom of ventilated metal base; tapered clear glass globe, embossed, "I.C.R.R."
22 1984.6.104 Booklet "Hey, There! Do You Want a Home on the Farm!"; Department of the Interior. 8 pages. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.104 (Booklet) image
23 1986.4.304 Examination Rural 8th grade. February. 12 pp. 1986.4.304 (Examination) image
24 1989.60.18 Map OFFICIAL MAP OF ALASKA including The Klondike district AND ADJACENT GOLD FIELDS showing various routes to the mines. 1989.60.18 (Map) image
25 1990.42.66 Contract Made by Alfonso Solorzano for Robert J. McKinley. It is for the right to make geological studies and grants the rights for the extraction of oil in the promising areas. Black binder. Color: BK,WH
26 1994.32.167 Booklet "1843 Fifty Years 1943. Historical Record of Cedar Falls. The Garden City of Iowa Containing A Brief History of Iowa, of Black Hawk County, and a Full and Complete Description of Industrial and Picturewque Cedar Falls." Published by Peter Melendy, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1893. Illus. and with photos. 171 pp. Color: BK,WH 1994.32.167 (Booklet) image
27 ED2019-200 Textile Hmong embroidered textile square.  ED2019-200 (Textile) image