Instrumental Analysis 2021

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.9.19 Poncho Neck portion of a child's poncho, light brown with dark red embroidery. 1970.9.19 (Poncho) image
2 1970.9.21 Poncho Child's. Woven striped patterns in green and red on outside and 5" apart; narrow yellow stripes between, 0.6" apart, red and green stripes 5 1/4" apart. The poncho is sewn together with a few stitches at the collar. 1970.9.21 (Poncho) image
3 1970.9.24 Belt Red woven, with yellow, brown and black, and white woven pattern of stylized animals. 1970.9.24 (Belt) image
4 1970.9.25 Belt Woven; brown with woven geometrical pattern in 2 browns, red, yellow, and natural. 1970.9.25 (Belt) image
5 1970.9.31 Purse Red woven; with light brown drawstring. Has green and yellow woven cross on red background. 1970.9.31 (Purse) image
6 1970.9.32 Purse Woven fabric folded over and sewn on two sides. Dark brown background with tan and brown stripes. 1970.9.32 (Purse) image
7 1970.9.34 Purse With draw string, tassel at one corner at bottom. Colors faded; must have been red, blue, green, brown, in stripes. Drawstring is brown and natural. One piece of cloth folded and sewn along sides with red thread. 1970.9.34 (Purse) image
8 1977.70.1 Textile Tightly woven thread; cloth fringe at end; colored squares pattern in center. 1977.70.1 (Textile) image