Ira Glass

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1978.32.5 Letter Hand printed, to Mrs. Wynegar from Herbert V. Hake, dated 3/26/70. White paper, with drawing of Herb Hake in upper left corner. Note advises Mrs. Wynegar of dates and time of radio broadcast she had recorded with Mr. Hake. Note signed: "Herbert V. Hake". Color: BK,WH 1978.32.5 (Letter) image
2 1982.4.1 Radio Philco. 1930's table model.
3 1986.2.10 Microphone Two parts. a. Microphone on swivel mount and b. cord, rubberized.
4 2002.18.4 Booklet WOI radio pamphlet that contains the summer program for 1949. Folds out into a poster. Color: RD,BK,WH 2002.18.4 (Booklet) image
5 2017-25-1 Recording Equipment Sony AV-3600 Videorecorder used in Herb Hake's studio - 1/2 inch videotape recorder (UNI# 119735) with one plastic reel.
6 2017-25-2 Recording Equipment Altec Audio Control Console (ISTC #33688)  used in the Herb Hake Studio
7 2017-25-3 Recording Equipment Presto Recording Corp. mixer and amplifier (ISTC #7687) used in Herb Hake's studio
8 2017-25-4 Light TV keg light on folding tripod metal stand with wheels. Spotlight has a metal body with Bardwell & McAllister, Inc., Burbank, CA on badge and name in raised letters in metal. Glass lens is recessed into metal body. Patent #2,083,506 (June 8th 1937) which pertained to the focusing mechanism. Used in Herb Hake Studio
9 2017-25-5 Recording Equipment Collins radio audio mixer used in the Herb Hake studio at the Iowa State Teachers College (UNI)