Jacilyn Class Project

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1 1970.8.0002 Ruler Advertising piece. Ruler goes to 15" and says "Harris & Cole Bros., All carloads Shipped Direct From Columbia, Tenn." "Manufacturers of Popular Lumber Turned Columns and Wood Pumps" "Address all Correspondence to Cedar Falls, IA." and has a photo of an intricately carved wood pump. Back says "HARRIS & COLE BROS., Manufacturers of POLAR LUMBER TURNED COLUMNS AND WOOD PUMPS." Has a carved wood column in center with "Address All Correspondence to CEDAR FALLS, IA. SAW MILLS AND MACHINES FOR BORING AND DRESSING LUMBER AT COLUMBIA, TENN." and "HEADQUARTERS AND THE Largest Wood Pump Factory In The World, at Cedar Falls, Iowa." 1970.8.0002 (Ruler) image
2 1978.59.0001 Ruler "Harris and Cole Bros., Inc. Largest Manufacturers of turned work in the world, poplar and oak lumber, porch columns, turned work and house finishing:; back marked "Harris & Cole Bros, Inc., Cedar Falls, Iowa, Metropolis, Ill., Columbia, Tenn." Yellow-brown oak wood, brass metal edge. 1978.59.0001 (Ruler) image