Latin American Trunk

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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED2019- Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes None
2 ED2019- Arts and Crafts of Mexico None
3 ED2019-200 Card, prayer Oracion a la Virgen de Guadalupe. Booklet containing a prayer to the Virgin Guadalupe in spanish.  ED2019-200 (Card, prayer) image
4 ED2019-71 Candle Votive candle lit for prayer intentions. Sacred Heart of Jesus  ED2019-71 (Candle) image
5 ED2019-73 Drum Conga drum, sized for a child to use.  ED2019-73 (Drum) image
6 ED2019-74 Boliche Game None
7 ED2019-75 Utensil Molinillo, used to stir hot chocolate ED2019-75  (Utensil) image
8 ED2019-76 Card, prayer Saint Anthony prayer card. The reverse of this card contains a prayer to Saint Anthony in Spanish.  ED2019-76 (Card, prayer) image
9 ED2019-77 Card, prayer Novena de Confianza a la Virgen Milagrosa. Prayer card containing a prayer to the Virgin Mary in spanish.  ED2019-77 (Card, prayer) image
10 ED2019-78 Card, prayer Oracion a San Judas. Prayer card containing a prayer to Saint Jude in spanish.  ED2019-78 (Card, prayer) image
11 ED2019-79 Clave Wooden percussion instruments, played by hitting together.  ED2019-79 (Clave) image
12 ED2019-80 Book The Gift of Corn - Latin American Codex Book ED2019-80 (Book) image
13 ED2019-81 Rattle Egg shaped rattles. A-D.  ED2019-81 (Rattle) image
14 ED2019-82 Toy, top Spinning top toy.  ED2019-82 (Toy, top) image
15 ED2019-83 Candle Our Lady of Guadalupe. Votive candle lit for prayer intentions.  ED2019-83 (Candle) image
16 ED2019-84 El Juego de la Loteria - Picture book None
17 ED2019-85 Dear Primo, A Letter to My Cousin - Picture Book None
18 ED2019-86 Separate Is Never Equal - Picturebook None
19 Ed2019-87 YES! We are Latinos - Poetry Book None
20 ED2019-88 Technology In the Ancient Americas - Picture Book None
21 ED2019-89 Painting Amate painting. Amate is a traditional bark paper that has been manufactured in Mexico since pre-colonial times.  ED2019-89 (Painting) image
22 ED2019-91 Mexico: The People None
23 ED2019-92 A Traveler's Map of Mexico - National Geographic None
24 ED2019-94 Mexico - The Culture None
25 ED2019-95 Mexico - The Land None
26 ED2019-96 In The Land of The Jaguar None
27 ED2019-97 Mi Barrio - My neighborhood None
28 ED2019-99 In My Family - En Mi Familia, Picture Book None
29 ED2020-6 Guiro A and B- instrument and striker. Percussion instrument used in Latin America played by running the striker along the ridges.  ED2020-6 (Guiro) image