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1 2021-1-2 Medallion Iowa TC medallion (ISTC).  A loop for a chain at top of medallion. "Iowa" at the top, and interlocking TC underneath. Typed note with it that says "Al broad jumped 21' 4 1/2" and won the state meet at Des Moines Univ in 1926. 
2 2021-1-3 Medallion IIAA medallion. A hole at top for a chain. IIAA at the top. Underneath this are two runners with foliage on the right. Lower right corner is "1925." On the back is inscribed "BROAD JUMP" followed by "CAPT ALVIN EHRHARDT." Under this is "ISTC." Under this is 22 ft 1/2 In. Note with item says "Al was captain of the Iowa State Teachers College track team and broad jumped 22' 1/2" in 1925." Stamped at the bottom is "Josten" and "Owatonna."
3 2021-1-4 Photograph Photograph of Al Ehrhardt. Subject is throwing discus. Turf in foreground and light colored building in background. Written on the back is "156 lb discus thrower. Broke ISTC record spring 1923 118 ft + girls can throw farther. Never threw one until I got in college because Hank Reinhart hit a Benson girl in the head. Al E at E.H.S." 
4 2021-1-5 Photograph Photograph of Al Ehrhardt. Subject is high-jumping. Foreground turf, background buildings including a smokestack. An unidentified person in background. Written on back of photo is "could be my long legs, Al-"
5 2021-1-6 Photograph Photograph of Al Ehrhardt and teammates poisted to start a race. Foreground turf and track, background light colored buildings. Written on back of photo is list of names in the photo: "Sandy Ellson, Al Ehrhardt, Isley, Jack Orr, Warren Dickinson, Spike Williams.
6 2021-3-1 Flyer UNI NISG 2021 Bennett and Struck Campaign Flyer. Goldenrod alternates with white, and includes photos of the candidates-- one closeup and one walking with face masks. Message from top to bottom: "Bennett and Struck for NISG, growing - serving, Advocacy, Advocate on behalf of the UNI students to ensure that their needs are met, Accessibility, Ensure resources that benefit students' health and wellbeing are made readily and easily available, Academics, Work with both UNI students and faculty to ensure transparency in decision making processes, We want to serve you!, We want to advocate for our peers, to listen with an open ear, work hard to improve our campus, and serve our students as the University of Northern Iowa Student Body President and Vice President. Vote on MyUNIverse Feb. 23 at 6 a.m. to Feb. 24 at 6 p.m." NISG logo in lower right hand corner.
7 2021-3-2 Postcard UNI NISG 2021 Bennett and Struck Campaign Postcard. Closeup photo of the candidates at the top with an inserted textbox that says "Growing, Bennett & Struck, Serving." Below this is printed: "Bennett and Struck, Advocacy, Accessibility, Academics. Vote on February 23rd & 24th on Myuniverse." Along the bottom is social media info: "Twitter logo @BennettNISG, Instagram logo @bennettstruckfornisg, Facebook logo @bennettstruckfornisg." Blank on the other side.
8 2021-3-3 Sticker UNI NISG 2021 Bennett and Struck Campaign Sticker. Hexagon shape with an inner border: double lined with short lines crossing through. Printed in center are the words "Growing, Bennett & Struck, Serving." "NISG" is printed as a background shadow.
9 2021-3-4 Face Mask UNI NISG 2021 Bennett and Struck Campaign Face Mask.  Cloth facemask with adjustable nose bridge and elastic adjustable ear bands. Printed on the right front side of face mask is a hexagon border (double line with short lines hashing through the border). Inside the border is printed "Growing, Bennett & Struck, Serving."  "NISG" is printed in shadow in the background.
10 2021-4-1 Book ISTC Textbook "Everyday Foods" by Jessie W. Harris and Elisabeth V. Lacey (Riverside Home Economics Series).  Copyright 1927. Embossed graphic on front cover. Printed on spine is 'Everyday Foods" followed by "Harris and Lacey" followed by "Riverside Home Economics Series. Printed at the bottom of the spine is the publisher, "Houghton Mifflin Co."
11 2021-5-1 Sticker 2020 presidential election sticker for Joe Biden campaign. Round sticker, with "BIDEN" in the center, and "PRESIDENT" underneath. Below this is a CWA Union Label logo, and at the bottom is ""
12 2021-5-2 Pin Round campaign button from Joe Biden 2020 presidential election campaign. Round, with Joe Biden logo printed in center (JOE).
13 2021-5-3 Pin Round campaign precinct captain pin for Joe Biden 2020 presidential election campaign. Printed across the top is "Joe Biden" followed by a centered photographic image of Joe Biden, followed by "precinct captain" at the bottom. The year 2020 is split on each side of the photographic image.
14 2021-5-4 T-shirt Short sleeve t-shirt, size medium, with printed outline of the state of Iowa. Within the outline is printed "Biden Precinct Captain." Beneath is printed, followed by Union Label logo.
15 2021-7 Book Book titled "The Musical Education of the Child" by Stewart Macpherson; Publisher Boston Music CompanyContents include three parts, beginning with "Some Aims in Modern Musical Education" and ending with "The Music-Teacher: His Aims and Ideals." Book is 80 pages, including the title page, preface, and table of contents. An additional 8 pages of publisher advertisements are included at the end of the book.