O'Brien County

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1 2020-2-1 Souvenir Paper souvenir from Waterman Township, Iowa - School District #2 in O'Brien County. This document is dated Aug 30, 1909-June 3, 1910 and lists the teacher as Isabel Shirk. Inside the list of 27 students are grouped in three and the back is signed by Johnie Thiessen.  2020-2-1 (Souvenir) image
2 2020-2-2 Souvenir Paper souvenir from Highland Towsnship, Iowa in O'Brien County, School District Number 8. The document is dated September 10, 1900-March 15, 1901 and lists Cora Gardner as the teacher with her photograph in the center.  2020-2-2 (Souvenir) image
3 2020-2-3 Souvenir Paper souvenir from dated 1907 from Omega Township, O'Brien County, School District #3. The document lists Miss Idad Brown as the teacher. Inside the document are 6  pages of images and limericks to aid the students for the upcoming year. The back cover shows a winder scene of a red barn.  2020-2-3 (Souvenir) image
4 2020-2-4 Card Paper card from Margaret Mann, County Superintendent of Schools for O'Brien County wishing the students a successful year.  2020-2-4 (Card) image
5 2020-2-5 Leaflet Paper leaflet from 1939 listing the public officials. This document covers all offices from President of the USA to local offices. This copy was never filled out with local names.  2020-2-5 (Leaflet) image
6 2020-2-6 Certificate Teachers certificate dated 1890 for Miss Laura ??????. This document was for her work during the winter term in Obrien County Iowa on August 11, 1890 and includes her scores on the 8th grade exam. She did not attend normal school training.  2020-2-6 (Certificate) image