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1 1970.78.3.2 Quiver With gourd container. Blow darts are very narrow and carved from light woods. They are not sharpened to a point until the hunter is ready to shoot. When he draws a blow dart he carves the tip with a piranha jaw tool and dips it in poison to paralyze his prey. He then loads the dart and blows it through the blowgun with a quick, sharp, full breath. The hunter might go through as many as 30 blow darts before he catches his prey. This quiver is worn around the neck by the cloth strap for ease of access. The quiver is made of a light wood, possibly from the native Big Leaf Mahogany tree. The blow darts are dried out and resemble reeds. The quiver shows native repair with the use of gum made from natural elements found in the area. The poison container is made from a gourd with two holes drilled through the bottom so that it can be looped on to the quiver. There is a hole in the top where the stem was and this is where the hunter would dip his arrow. There are seven nails hammered into the circumference on the bottom of the quiver and nine pieces of thin wood are wrapped around it and tied to the stick that is holding the gourd in place. 1970.78.3.2 (Quiver) image