Peruvian Project: Andean

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1977.59.0002 Pot Brown with spout and cat handle. Ornately decorated with designs in browns, reds and black. Handle shaped like a cat. Color: BR,RD,BK
2 1977.59.0003 Pot Double spouted, and decorated with white, red, brown and black designs. A handle joins the two spouts near the top. Round flared base. Color: WH,RD,BR,BK
3 1977.59.0004 Pot Brown with spout and handle, decorated with red, yellow, brown, green and black designs. The spout of the pot has been formed in the shape of a face; two dark brown arms and hands appear on the pot. Color: BR,RD,YL,GR,BK
4 1977.59.9 Medal, commemorative "Sun God' medallion. Front depicts a crude face, bordered by an engraved design; animal head extends from each corner. Color: GD
5 1977.69.1 Sherd Slight curve, rough texture. Red color on interior, brown exterior. Triangle shape. Color: RD,BR
6 1978.34.4.2 Spindle Wooden spindle pole; clay whorl near end; spindle wrapped with brown or black alpaca yarn from bundle of alpaca fur (attached). Color: BR
7 1978.41.2.1 Sherd Bowl handle. Color: RD
8 1988.21.0007 Print Framed textile print, "Corvina".
9 1988.21.0008 Print Framed textile print, "Guanay".
10 1997.10.6 Hanging Printed panel. Human figure in center has checkerboard pattern on body and elaborate headdress that seems to represent feathers. Side panels represent a series of one kind of animal, possibly a lizard, with long tail arched over the back. Border is of rectangles surrounded by a zigzag line with dark brown on inside and gold on outside of orange zigzag. End of border suggests a crocodile's head. Various small animals and geometric motifs in open spaces of design throughout. On bottom, inside border, says "Rey de Moros" on left and "Sylania Prints Lima Peru" on right. Selvedge is stamped "Sanforizado - Mercerizado - Union". Top and bottom edges are torn, and unfinished. Color: CR,BR,OR,GD
11 1997.4.0017 Staff of office Long tapered cylinder of dark reddish heavy wood. Lower end has a sharp pointed piece extending beyond wood. 6 bands of metal, 1 5/8" wide encircle the stick, trimmed with 5-petaled flower motifs. Flowers on 5 are repousse technique; sixth is etched into the metal. Near the top there is a narrower band with etched pattern and a scalloped shield one-third of the circumference, with a repousse flower in each of the three scallops. A tapered flat metal knob is fitted at the top of the stick. It has two columns of the flowers, and a cross with four flowers surrounding it. A braided metal chain with a small cross winds around the staff in a double helix. Color: RD,GD
12 1997.4.0018 Slingshot Long braided cord at each end of crocheted medallion, 7" x 3 1/2", both made from a combination of dark and natural unscoured wool from unknown animal. Medallion has decorative pattern and a 2" slit for insertion of stone. Cord at one end divided into smaller cords for about 1/2" forming a loop 2 1/2" from end. Other end appears to have been originally half of the length of the other and has been extended to same length, using the same colors of fiber, but with a much simpler, cruder technique that creates a softer, looser cord. Color: BR,CL
13 2002.6.0006 Belt Llama wool. Indistinct stripes running length of muted gray and natural colors. Along each edge is orange embroidered edging. Near each edge are three stripes of red separated by naroow stripes of maroon and natural color. 6'' fringe on each end in natural, red, brown. Color: GY,OR,RD,TN
14 2002.6.0007 Belt Llama wool. Brown with four natural narrow stripes along each edge. Natural stripes form two wider stripes separated by one narrow. Brown fringe 8'' long at each end. Color: BR,TN