Peruvian Project: Aymara

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2004.25.0004 Jar Pottery figurine. Seated man playing a flute. Geometric designs on head. Covering etched in a tan color. Also etched design on man's sleeve in the shape of pyramids. Eyes and eyebrows also etched on. Handle/spout on back of figurine. Pottery finish is dark and glossy. Color: BR,TN 2004.25.0004 (Jar) image
2 2004.25.0005 Figurine, animal In shape of bull. Has etching designs on head, chest, and back in sprials on body. Chest has an etching in an apron-like pattern, with smaller curlicues and crisscross pattern contained in the apron. Bull's forehead has three leaf shapes etched on it. Base of left foot is open. Ears have holes. Color: BR,TN 2004.25.0005 (Figurine, animal) image
3 2004.25.0006 Jar Stirrup-spouted vessel. Male figure attached to side. Fighure has a headdress with a feather decoration. Face tilted upward with mouth open. Hands are holding something in both hands, next to its chest. Figure stands on base of vessel. Handle shaped like a stirrup. 1/2 way down, spout is a bird head and tail. Color: BR
4 2004.25.0007 Jar Small, with etching of a seated man with a headdress seen on both sides. Wide lip. Color: BR 2004.25.0007 (Jar) image
5 2004.25.20 Diorama, miniature Model of a homestead. Two buildings, two people and two cows. Surrounded by a wall made of small balls of clay. Color: RD,WH
6 2004.25.21 Diorama, miniature Model of a homestead. One building, four animals (some llama and sheep), one person, and three plants/trees. Surrounded by a wall made of clay balls stuck together. Color: RD,WH