Peruvian Project: Machiguenga

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.78.11.0001 Drum Wooden, covered with wild pig skin. Pigskin attached to sticks curving around drum and secured with cord which runs between sticks holding drum head. Long cord to carry drum attached to top and bottom. Color: TN
2 1970.78.11.0005 Tunic Small boy's; handwoven. Dirty gray-brown with gray vertical stripes. Color: GY-BR
3 1970.78.11.0014 Pot Cooking pot. Color: BK 1970.78.11.0014 (Pot) image
4 1970. Purse, change Snap closure. Color: BK,SL
5 1970.78.11.2 Tunic Horizontally striped, handwoven, woman's vest with clusters of seed coverings at the shoulders. Natural in color with stripes being brown. Color: TN,BR
6 1970.78.11.4 Blanket Baby wrapper. Handwoven with a carved bone dangling fringe. Dirty gray-brown with gray horizontal stripes. Bone fringe varies in length from 2" to 4". Color: GY-BR
7 1970.78.11.8 Necklace Multiple stranded, black seeds from the headwaters of the Amazon. 14 strands. Color: BK